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Shiva Rea's Yoga Teaching Schedule

Los Angeles based Shiva Rea is a leading teacher of vinyasa flow yoga worldwide. Shiva began exploring yoga at the age of fourteen as a way to understand her name, given to her by her father, a surfer and artist. She has studied in the Krishnamacharya lineage, and explored Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Kalaripayattu, world dance, yogic art and somatic movement. Her studies and zest for life infuse her approach to living yoga and to 'embodying the flow'. She is known for bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners in creative, dynamic and life-transforming ways. Read Shiva Rea's full biography.

  • Yoga Intensives
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    Rasa Vinyasa Prana Flow

    September 2014, Cecil Sharp House

    Experience a full-spectrum yoga practice intensive into the art of RasaVinyasa™- an approach to sequencing vinyasa yoga drawing from yogic arts, tantra, and ayurveda. Explore the theory and practice of three consummate rasas: Vira (strength, potency), Sringara (divine love and sensuality) and Shanti (living peace). Discover the power of alchemical yoga that is sequenced in harmony with the energetic state of the day to bring balance and “juice” to your practice, teaching and life.


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  • Yoga Workshops

    Global Mala Worldwide Charity Movement Meditation

    September 2014, Cecil Sharp House

    Experience a movement meditation practice on this day of consciousness raising and universal yoga that coincides with the ancient mysteries of the Autumn Equinox, UN International Peace Day, and the worldwide global mala happening around the world. All proceeds will be split between Solar-Aid, helping Africans replace toxic kerosene lamps with long-lasting, environmentally friendly solar lamps and the Poppy Project providing housing and support to female victims of trafficking.


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