Yoga is the path to find fulfilment in not one, but two realms: the spiritual and the worldly. Your soul longs to find the peace born from merging with your source, as well as living your best life. That is why dharma is at the core of yogic philosophy – each of us is unique and has a distinct and glorious purpose that we must honour and fulfil. To do so asks more of us than just achieving a healthy body and a quiet mind.

The Yoga of Fulfilment is a deep and practical approach to help you truly embody the highest principles of yoga: find meaning and purpose in your life and shape it from the wisdom and calling of your highest self. Combining the enlightened wisdom of yoga, tantra, ancient methods of self-inquiry and self-actualisation, the Yoga of Fulfillment guides you towards recognising your soul’s calling to greatness and empowering you to fulfil it.

During the course, we utilise yogic methods to examine our intentions, and, in the process, overcome self-defeating ideas and behaviour. Based in the ultimate vision of the tradition, the Yoga of Fulfilment reminds us that the universe silently exhorts you to realise all of life’s treasures and to be an ever-brighter beacon of light in the world.

During our five days together we practise a diverse array of techniques including: daily yoga and twice daily meditation sessions, visualisation, pranayama, chanting, journaling and self-inquiry exercises, contemplation, as well as yoga nidra (deep physical and sub-conscious relaxation).

Key topics we will cover:
• Understand the role of desire in the spiritual life.
• Clarify your missions of need, pleasure, purpose, and spirit
• Access intuition, self-awareness, and omniscience
• Undo the beliefs and tendencies that sabotage fulfillment
• Learn the spiritual principles of shaping personal destiny
• Transform through deep relaxation and new life-affirming intentions
• Release the bondage of negative thinking as self-fulfilling prophecy
• Use any and all life experiences as leverage to greater freedom

Highly recommended reading:The Four Desires by Rod Stryker.

STOP PRESS: Rod will be speaking on The Four Desires at Alternatives, St James’s Piccadilly on Monday 28 May – 7pm start. Click here for more information.

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An extract from the opening lecture of the intensive


Yogacampus and ParaYoga certificates of attendance will be issued on completion of all course hours.

About Rod Stryker

Rod Stryker is the founder of ParaYoga and has taught tantra, meditation, and hatha yoga for more than 30 years.

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