Anna Bhushan

Anna has taught meditation to over 300 people and has run meditation teacher training courses for the last four years. Anna has practiced in established meditation traditions since her childhood. In 2003 she was introduced to Dr Kumar and was inspired by the depth and breadth of his knowledge of meditation and his ability to live what he teaches in its entirety. Since then she has been training closely with him and working to bring the benefit of his teaching to people in the UK. Anna’s academic research explores the application of meditation practice into Higher Education contexts, particularly for the purpose of enhancing wellbeing and creativity.
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"I enjoyed Anna's teaching a lot, it was very grounded and there were good explanations about how to understand information. This came at the right pace with plenty of opportunity to practice. The three days have given me to the confidence to start my own daily practice. The scientific background has helped me to trust the method." Celia on Meditation Teacher Training - Patanjali's Prana Samyama Technique , February 2017