Embodying Love - Sensual Health for Women

Cecil Sharp House, London

Led by global Vinyasa teacher, Shiva Rae, we will come together in a circle of women for a lunar arts practice and teacher study immersion to support our journey as women in all the phases and seasons of our body and life as we embody the creative power from within.

Ecstatic SUP

Workshops Offer

You will receive 10% off if booking both of Shiva's Summer 2021 workshops: Embodying Love - Sensual Health for Women AND Rhythm and Flow together. Please select to attend both workshops at the second stage of checkout.

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Workshop Description

We will explore shakti-prana flow pathways to nourish embodying cellular love, sensuality, embodied joy and sensual health as a yogini in wholeness and in partnership.

We will explore three sequences:

Sringara Rasa - Sensual Health Sequence

Sadhaja Shakti - Creative Empowerment Sequence

Nitya Shakti - Moon Health Sequence

Our practices will integrate movement meditation, shakti prana flow namaskars, body mudra, chakra-based meditation, hasta mudras, mantra and visualization and shakti yoga nidra to listen to embodied wisdom. Our mission is to emerge nourished and inspired with tools to deepen your practice, teaching living yoga.

What will I Learn?

  • Learn Shakti Prana Flow Sequences for Women’s Moon Health (all phases),
  • Sensual Health, Creative Empowerment .
  • Embody Self- Love – healing of body image/ inner dialogue with love
  • Cultivate the Inner Arts - mudra, mantra and meditations for lunar regeneration
  • Integrate Body Flow – self-healing and massage for women
  • Daily Self-Care rituals for women’s sensual and moon health
  • Soul-Roll - Integrating Prana Nadi Massage and massage tools
  • Cultivation of mula bandha, vajroli and sahajoli mudra to awaken sensual health
  • Awaken Body Altar/Living Altar –self-care the art and activation of your personal Shakti altar
  • Women’s Circle - How to create a safe, trauma sensitive space to explore our creative power.

Who is this workshop for?

This is open to all yoga teachers and practitioners who wish to come together to explore our journey as women in all the phases and seasons of our body and life.


Please bring your own mat and any props you need to practice. If possible please bring a large physio / Pilates ball (which you can blow up on site). Please note no mats or props are provided at the venue.


This workshops totals 16 CPD hours.


Upon completion of this workshop, you will receive a Yogacampus Certificate of Completion.


We are delighted to be recommencing our face to face courses after many months of online only study. Whilst we are keen to begin practising in person again, we are continuing to ensure that necessary social distancing and health precautions are in place, with the aim of keeping everyone safe. In line with this spaces on this workshop are limited in capacity to 50 participants to allow for sufficient distancing throughout the workshop. For further details on how we are moving back to face to face practice safely, please email info@yogacampus.com

Meet the Teacher

Shiva Rea serves the innate intelligence within nature and our rhythmic bodies. As a global prana vinyasa teacher, Shiva empowers people from all walks of life to experience the flow of breath and our extraordinary energetic body. She has done fieldwork and offered yoga in over 50 countries from urban centers to ancient sites, large-scale festivals to indigenous Chumash grandmother’s council. As the founder of Samudra Global School for Living Yoga, her home practice media, teacher trainings, adventure retreats, online programs and musical collaborations provide resources for people around the world to bring a transforming flow into their everyday life. Her activism extends from the worldwide Global Mala Project, to Yoga Energy Activism and gatherings for women. Her latest book, “Tending the Heart Fire – Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life” is about the history and embodiment of our energetic heart and living vinyasa.

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