ONLINE Taster Event - Teacher Training Diploma (Manchester Intake)

Have you thought about becoming a yoga teacher, but are not sure what training involves? Join us for a free taster session to learn more about our Yoga Teacher Training Diploma in Manchester. Our mini sessions and Q&A time will give you a glimpse of what could await you on your journey to becoming a yoga teacher with Yogacampus.

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Have you ever thought about becoming a yoga teacher, but are not sure what the training involves?

If so, join us on our FREE Yoga Teacher Taster Training day where you can ask questions and get a taste of our Yoga Teacher Training Diploma. The taster session is absolutely free and will include enlightening mini sessions led by the teacher training Board, to give you a glimpse of what could await you on your journey to becoming a fully qualified yoga teacher with Yogacampus.

The Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma, established in 2003 and offered in Manchester, York and London, is an 16 month (200 contact hours) course run by leading teachers from a variety of yoga traditions, all highly respected in their field of expertise. It is one of the UK’s top teacher training courses, known for its non-dogmatic and authentic approach. The Manchester Diploma course will begin in March 2021.

We recognise that yoga, from its earliest roots in ancient India, has continually grown and developed – and continues to grow and develop as we bring its teachings into the 21st century. Our course is registered with The British Wheel of Yoga, Yoga Alliance (RYS 200 hours), the Independent Yoga Network and the Register of Exercise Professionals and graduates can teach both in the UK and internationally. You can find out more about the Diploma course by clicking here and can download the course prospectus on the right-hand side.

Taster Day Programme

What makes some yoga postures functional? What does practising somatically mean? Janine Kelly will guide you through a functional and somatic yoga practice to provide you with an overview of this method of teaching. These two techniques will be taught in greater depth during the course, but this taster will give you an insight into how these practices may revolutionise your own practice and the way you sequence your future classes.

What are the Yoga Sutras? Who was Patanjali? And why over 2000 years later does it still have relevance to us as practitioners and teachers? Jane Craggs will explore the perennial psychology of yoga texts and how they help signpost our journey through the ups and downs of life on earth.

Q&A session

This is a free event, however please make sure to book your place by registering via the booking link on this page.