Yoga Therapy Diploma: 2023

Yogacampus Finsbury Park, London

Apply the art and science of yoga to help people on a deeper level with the Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Diploma. Our 22 month 550+ hour blended (part live online, part face to face) course is a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of yoga therapy as it applies to a variety aspects of wellbeing.

This course is being offered with a renewed emphasis on the current reality of being a yoga teacher. We believe there is strength in collaboration. With nearly 30 years combined experience of delivering yoga therapy trainings, True Yoga and Yogacampus have joined forces to create a wider scope and depth of experience for its trainee therapists: to learn how to offer insightful care; to understand individual needs; and to guide the evolution of your students.

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2023 dates are TBC - please register your interest in advance via the booking link on this page.

Are you looking to use Yoga Therapy as a tool to treat disease, illness and trauma? True Yoga and Yogacampus are collaborating to provide an exciting new integrated course. The Therapy Course will be taught by world renowned yoga therapists as well as NHS healthcare professionals, to deliver a transformative journey for patients and therapists alike. With a practical grounding in key yoga therapy skills, the training will provide a balance of theory and practical work in the classroom and in the clinics.

Yoga is for everybody, but everybody is unique. Our faculty have a deep knowledge and understanding of this fundamental concept of yoga therapy and have been selected based on their specialised skill and expertise. Having undergone extensive training, our therapists recognise the importance of adapting practices and techniques to address the needs of the individual in front of them. There is no specific formula to Yoga Therapy, everything given is based on the individual’s unique constitution and situation.

Yogacampus recognise that yoga therapy is a new, emerging discipline, not a long-established cut-and-dried subject. We therefore encourage debate and diversity among teachers and students and take a non-dogmatic approach to our teaching. As well as theory, the course is rooted in the development of practical skills. We are proud to have established a Yoga Therapy Student Clinic. Here, students have a unique opportunity not available on other training courses: to gain practical experience with real clients, under the supervision of leading yoga therapists.

The Therapy Diploma course is for those who:

  • have completed a recognised Yoga Teacher Training that can be referenced;
  • have been teaching yoga for at least one year post teacher training graduation;
  • have a passion for yoga and wish to use this training to help themselves and others;
  • are mentally and emotionally stable, committed to continuing self-development and happy being a trainee.

Lastly, we ask that you be open to the benefits of blended learning and e-learning. You will receive support on how to interact on the Yogacampus Online Platform and we hope that your enthusiasm for Yoga Therapy will extend to working creatively with our digital platform.

Insurance and a valid first aid certificate must be maintained throughout the course.

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We are excited to be working with Colin Dunsmuir, True Yoga founder and teacher of 20 years. As one of the few trainers world- wide authorised by TKV Desikachar, Colin is a leading force in Yoga Therapy.

Collectively True Yoga and Yogacampus have worked with numerous world class therapists. We are dedicated to making the most knowledgeable and inspiring yoga teachers available to you, bringing differing perspectives to the curriculum. The organisation takes pride in pushing the boundaries whilst honouring the traditions of yoga. This combination makes for a high-quality and educationally robust course that will equip the yoga therapist with all the tools they need to help individuals remove the obstacles that prevent healing.

We have a core faculty of widely respected teachers and yoga therapists, supplemented by experts in relevant fields to bring their differing perspectives to the course.


On completion of the course you will receive a Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Diploma certificate. The course is accredited by the British Council of Yoga Therapy (BCYT) and you will also be entitled to register as a yoga therapist with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

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