Meet the Teachers: Bart Adins, founder of Chair-Up™

Bart is a Certified Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement Practitioner ™ with the European Rolfing Association. Having been fascinated by the mind and body connection from an early age, Bart pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Ghent University followed by a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology with a specialisation in Mindfulness.

He is the Founder of Chair-Up™, a movement practice that uses chairs as a transitional tool in order to help discover new movement possibilities and awareness. He sees this therapeutic practice as a means to apply healthy postural movements and habits in our every-day undertakings, not just for the duration of the yoga class.

What, when and where was your first experience of yoga?

My first experience with yoga was when father guided me through a body scan meditation when I was 8. My interest in meditation stayed, asana came later when a classmate taught us an Ashtanga during my university studies. As someone who lifted a lot of weights, I was surprised how challenging these poses were to me. I got intrigued and flew to India a couple of months later to discover more.


What made you decide to move from student to teacher?

It felt natural to share a practice that touched me deeply and brought much beauty to my life. I was curious to see if it would have the same impact on others.


What teaching tip has had the biggest influence on the way you practice? And the way you teach?

“Do less”. There is more space for being and presence when doing less.


What does your own self-practice involve?

My yoga practice is all about re-noticing myself and self-care It involves a variety of embodying movements that feel nourishing.


If you only had 10 minutes to practice, what would you do?

Breathe in sitting / laying or standing


Who/what is the biggest inspiration on your yoga journey at the moment?

Hubert Godart


What role does yoga play in the way you live?

My yoga awakens the awareness to recognise my patterns and habits in life. It serves as a mirror by showing that shows how to live better and more authentically.


What do you hope your students experience when they practise with you?

I hope the practice helps them to feel better in their body so that they experience more wellbeing and pleasure of moving. Rather than focussing on flexibility or strength, they can improve movement quality and work with their felt sense. By doing so they can reconnect and discover the inner and outer world of the body.


What’s your favourite yoga pose to do and to teach?.

Flight of the eagle sequence using chair. Watch it here:


Describe the meaning of yoga in 10 words or less.

Yoga is timeless time to take care of yourself.


Want to learn more?

You can become a certified Chair-Up™ teacher with Bart this September and learn how to use chairs as an educational tool to discover new movement possibilities and awareness. Incorporating chairs also makes yoga accessible and helps you adapt your classes to office workers, elderly and individuals with physical limitations.

This 6-day, 50-hour Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training will teach you how to use the Chair as a multifunctional tool with variety of approaches and uses; a means to adapt postures and sun salutations, and help cultivate somatic awareness. 

Tuesday 24th to Sunday 29th September 2019: Find out more here. Early Bird offer on until 1st May 2019.