Grow your Yoga Business without Hustle and Burnout

Yoga teacher trainings give you the tools and knowledge to confidently teach yoga, but building a sustainable teaching career can be a challenge without the essential business and marketing skills. Kelly McHugh, yoga teacher and business coach who helps yoga teachers to learn how to effectively share their message and build their communities online, shares her four tips for growing your Yoga Business online.

In most instances, teaching yoga requires settling yourself up as a small business owner and being a yoga teacher and being a business owner simply requires different skill sets.

Knowing how to build an engaged community and how to extend your offering to bring multiple income streams into your yoga business is essential if you really want to sustain teaching yoga full time and not get burnt out in the process.

Many yoga teachers are struggling financially. They’re teaching 15-20 classes a week, with no days off and are still struggling to pay the bills.

They’re being paid for their teaching time in the studio but they’re also spending time travelling between studios and planning their classes. Time that’s not “paid".

This simply is not a sustainable way to make a living from teaching yoga.

It leads to burn out and can also result in many full time yoga teachers having to take on part time jobs to support themselves financially. 

It’s a story that’s echoed time and time again in my Facebook group where one of the teachers recently posted:

"Being a yoga teacher in London is tough, the constant travelling, with some studios not paying you enough, the competition that is out there, and cost of living and studio hire being expensive…I've learnt to hustle but I’m getting tired of it. I feel that the yoga teacher 'struggle' or 'burnout' should be a thing of the past"


What’s the solution?

The solution is to focus on building a profitable and sustainable yoga business and to do this you need to learn essential skills that allow you to generate other income streams.

Being a yoga teacher doesn't start and end with getting your yoga teacher training certificate and all the best yoga teachers never stop improving on their craft.

Just as you'll continue to improve your teaching, you also have to understand business and marketing or work with people that do. 

Studio classes don’t pay the bills, but they can help you to gain exposure and grow your community. Community is key and it’s important to stay connected with your students through email newsletters, your website and social media. 

It’s therefore essential to learn how to use these channels to connect with your students online and to find out what they really want from you and to build an engaged and loyal community.

When you know what your ideal students want, you can create higher-priced offerings specifically for them, whether that’s workshops, retreats, or online courses. 

To transition from the studio teaching model to creating successful higher priced offerings, you need to have the four foundational elements of your yoga marketing strategy in place. 


1. Build your online hub

Your website is the foundation to everything you do, it’s the online hub for your community. 

Having a website gives you the opportunity to create content such as a blog to attract potential students and to capture their email addresses through opt in forms placed across your site.

Your website opens up opportunities to generate extra income and more freedom - particularly if you use your website as a tool to start teaching online. 

Lots of yoga teachers all over the world are creating online courses and classes with the aim to reach more people and generate more income in their business – a solid and effective online yoga business strategy.

Understanding how to take your classes online can help you to reach bigger audiences and can have a huge positive impact on your yoga business.


2. Offer free, valuable content 

If you don’t already have an effective content marketing strategy in place, you are likely missing out on a lot and losing a lot of ideal students in the process.

As well as positioning you as an expert through the content that you share, you’ll increase awareness of your yoga brand, attract new eyes online, boost traffic to your website, get people on to your list, convert them into students and retain them – all through the content that you create and share online.


3. Growing your email list 

Email over social media! 

If you want to build a sustainable, long lasting yoga business, you must prioritise growing your email list over your social media following.

Social media is rented land with every changing algorithms and if Facebook or Instagram closed their doors tomorrow, how would you contact your followers?

Spending time and effort on email marketing is one of the BEST things you can do to grow your yoga business.

Once you’ve got a potential student on your email list, you have the opportunity to show up week after week in their inbox to deliver value and to build a relationship – and this is how you build a loyal and engaged community who go on to invest in your higher priced online offerings.

So get on board with email marketing now, don’t put it off, and a year down the line when people are booking your yoga retreats as a result of your email, you’ll be smiling inside that you made the decision to start growing your list.


4. Be visible online 

You need to be there in the places where your audience is hanging out online. This means doing the Facebook Live, getting on Instagram Stories, showing up in their feeds and generally sharing and extending your teachings from the studio and into the digital landscape.

There’s ways to make this easier such as creating one piece of content every week and sharing it across multiple places.

Learning how to navigate the world of yoga business and marketing can be overwhelming enough so it’s good to know that Digital Yoga Academy have online resources and courses to get you started.

Head to to get access to a free business resource library and start learning how to build a sustainable and profitable yoga business.


Kelly McHugh is a yoga teacher and business coach who helps yoga teachers to learn how to effectively share their message and build their communities online who spent over 15 years working in global businesses, agencies and start-ups, managing marketing teams and multi million pound budgets. She's a pioneer of yoga business and marketing education, founding Digital Yoga Academy, an online platform that enhances the business and marketing skills of over 10k yoga teachers worldwide; She's also the founder of Good Yoga Life, a successful yoga events & retreat business.

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