Hypno Yoga for Birth – What’s it all about?

We are excited to be bringing a brand new Yogacampus course to pregnancy yoga teachers called Hypno Yoga for Birth. But what’s it all about?

This course, run by Janine Hurley and Lynne Tomlinson both of whom are hypnotherapists within the NHS, offers a 3-day training for pregnancy yoga teachers to integrate hypnotherapy into their classes and to expand their therapeutic skill set.

Although hypnotherapy may be new to you, we encourage you to approach it in a similar way to the powerful yet respectful practice of yoga nidra. Our intention is to offer a full antenatal relaxation programme focussing on deep relaxation, working with innate resources, hormones and the mind/body connection. 

This course acknowledges the wide overlap that exists between yoga and hypnotherapy, and how seamlessly hypnosis can be integrated into the pregnancy yoga setting to achieve a therapeutic outcome.  Janine has been running this course in Manchester for the last few years and confirms that Hypno Yoga for Birth...“is becoming very popular as many see the benefits in labour, during birth and beyond resulting in calm and happy deliveries and a unique connection between hypno-mum and hypno-baby.”

The course training delivers exceptional value for money and is part of our ethical commitment to affordable continuous professional development.  We offer a supportive environment that greatly encourages your originality, freedom from scripted approaches and helps your clients to find their own unique resolution.

Integrating hypnotherapy into your teaching will be transformative, not just as an aid for birth but also for your general classes. Yoga is hypnotic and by incorporating the finely tuned skills gained through hypnotherapy you can learn to offer students an added extra resource to delve into their intuitive true nature. And, as a yoga teacher, this course allows you to expand on your existing skills so you can support women through their entire journey to motherhood; from prenatal and hypnobirthing classes, through to mother and baby workshops, and even baby massage. The list is endless!

Hypno Yoga for Birth is running on Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd July 2016 in London. You can find out more information or book your place here.