Conscious Business: Perspectives on current teaching opportunities and getting paid as yoga teachers

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Keen to learn insights about the current situation for yoga studios and to discuss how this impacts you as a teacher?

With the rise of many more yoga teachers building their online teaching presence, how do you see the role of yoga studios?

Join us for a 'Conscious Business' session with Adrian Kowal (CEO of The Life Centre studios, the studios that Yogacampus originated from).

Adrian will be leading a discussion about navigating the new dynamics in our work as yoga teachers. This hour and a half will include some information-sharing as well as group interaction on the following themes:

👉 A bird's eye view and observations of a changing landscape from the perspective of studio owners

👉 Mindset and attitudes to money

👉 Tensions between paying teachers and keeping studios afloat

👉 What could the future look like in our work

About Adrian

Adrian is CEO of Life Centres (in Notting Hill and Manchester). He previously founded Evolve yoga studio based in South Kensington. Adrian also runs 'Way of Nature', an organisation that he co-founded, which hosts experiences in nature to help people find space, purpose and direction in their lives.

Adrian Kowal