Introduction to Trauma Awareness in Yoga Teaching

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How, as yoga teachers, can we include those who have experienced and survived trauma? What accommodations and adaptations can we make within our group classes to create an accessible environment? Those who have survived trauma are often marginalised by society – what can we, as a yoga community, do to reduce further marginalisation? What is trauma-informed care and how can we draw from this discipline, as yoga teachers?

Event Description

In this session we will address these questions and consider what trauma is and who might experience trauma.

This session will be discussion based but Amelia will also give a short presentation and lead a practice. On the whole, we will focus on how to accommodate those who have experienced trauma in group class scenarios, rather than one to one contexts, but this session will also likely be beneficial for the latter. Trauma-informed care is complex – we will address the difference between being trauma-informed and trauma aware and come together on the understanding that this is an introduction to the topic.


This event is open to all current trainees and graduates of our Yoga Teacher Training Diploma, Yoga Therapy Diploma and Short Courses.

Booking Details

Free to attend for all current trainees - to book please email and we will add you to the event list.

Nominal £7 fee for all graduates please book ahead via the booking link on this page.

Meet the Facilitator

Amelia is a Board member of the Yogacampus Manchester Yoga Teacher Training Diploma course. She has been teaching yoga for over a decade and is currently pursuing a PhD in Spiritual Abuse in Modern Transnational Yoga Movements.

Amelia headshot 2020