Finding your tribe. Facing your inner critic. Holding space for the people you love.

If this list sounds more like your spiritual bucket list than a diploma which prepares you to teach yoga all over the world... there's a good reason for that!

The Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma is a spiritual experience with the potential to tbroadens and deepens all aspects of your life - not just the areas of interest that brought you to the Yogacampus door.

This blog revisits some of the less obvious reasons that graduates have given to enroll in the Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma. These have often, in the end, been parallel in importance to the teacher training skills our participants have learned along the way.

1. Change

You are ready for change. Many participants have remarked that compared to the person they were when they enrolled the course, they are not be the same person after they graduated. The Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma offers opportunity to ignites change, and not always in ways expected or anticipated. A way of understanding this is that spiritual practice, in which yoga is of course included, wakes up the parts of you that require the most attention. Together with this waking up, the training helps you to respond skilfully and process the change.

2. Deepening

Many participants have listed their main reason for enrolling as a desire to deepen their practice. This is isn't a promise to walk away from your training knowing everything - it’s impossible to download the akashic records of yoga in just 200 hours! But if you’re ready to dig deeper into anatomy and philosophy and learn more about how your body works , this has often proved worth the price of the course alone.

3. Friendship & relationships

If you are looking to connect with other people who share your passion for this practice, then this training is a great place to start. The folks you meet here will watch you grow and change, and before you know it they become part of your yoga family! In addition, other graduates have spoken of how they became better family members or partners to their other half, by learning to listen to others - and themselves - more deeply and intuitively.

4. Facing those demons your inner critic

Any leadership journey requires a radical and compassionate honesty with yourself and with others. Your own inner dialogue around this is often the arena in which the hardest leadership battles are fought. This work involves becoming fully aware of your negative self-talk and self-judgments, and then learning to see these these thoughts as thoughts. This process is one of self-acceptance rather than self-improvement.

5. You know it's not just physical

...this training is relational, emotional, and spiritual too. Any great teacher knows that the subject matter itself is only a part of the experience of being a real educator. The main joy in teaching is connecting with your students, and holding space in a way that helps your students to feel safe, relax, and grow. Learning to do this is key to being a great yoga teacher, and being truly present with others in this way, will change your life for good.

6. Because the truth matters

Debunking yoga myths is one of the core themes that runs through our programme. All Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma graduates complete the journey with a strong balance of both practice and philosophy. A good teacher training will help you understand what is factual and what is not, and thus make it easier to embody the wisdom and traditions of your chosen field.

7. Identify and share your gifts

You want to figure out what unique gifts you have to offer the world, and ways you can share them for the greater good. This point features in many of our debrief sessions. Often graduates look back on their Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma experience and speak of the ways that their journey went above and beyond what they expected. The systemic benefits of the training could be felt like a ripple effect in other areas of their life, in how they communicated with others, in being more visible and stepping up, and in saying yes to their true selves, in new and exciting ways.

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