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  • 2018

Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Young People

A unique course which will enable you to teach yoga and mindfulness to young people aged 11 to 18. The course focuses particularly on scientific research and actual experiential research to help support and structure the training.

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This course attracts professionals from the fields of education, medicine, social work and mental health who wish to incorporate the use of yoga in their work with young people. The course is experiential and led by Charlotta Martinus who is in the unique position of having worked both as a Teacher in Secondary school and yoga teacher as well as a Yoga Therapist for Mental Health within CAMHS. She brings all her experience of the school environment as well as the work within the NHS to bear in the course, covering all aspects of caring for the adolescent both therapeutically and in preventative measures.

In its 13th year, this course has had the valuable input from many professionals including Dr Dan Siegel (author on countless books about adolescents and mindfulness) and Osteopaths, Educators, Psychiatrists, Physiotherapists, Psychology professors and Yoga Elders.

The course is endorsed by Dr Sat Bir Khalsa, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard School of Medicine as well as countless Heads of schools across the world who have funded teachers to undergo the training course.

Upon finishing the course, you are invited to an online support group where Charlotta continues to support and guide as well as being included in a directory of teachers, partnering with schools to offer the best in yoga teachers. There are also infinite number of infographics, powerpoint and films continuously created for your sole use. Furthermore you are invited to the annual conference, Instill, in London consisting of TeenYoga teachers, Policy Makers, experts from all around the world, where you can further your knowledge, broaden your skill set and recharge your inspiration battery!

As a seasoned pedagogue, Charlotta adapts the course to the students present, making sure everyone’s learning style is adequately supported, bringing in practical exercises together with group and pair work as well as conventional lecture type learning. There is a therapeutic element to the course, where we get an opportunity to reflect and take our experience a little deeper.

Many graduates feel the course has been life changing, as they have come to a deeper understanding both of themselves, yoga and adolescents, giving them confidence and tools to support young people in all settings.

Since the course began in 2004, yoga has grown exponentially at around 10% per year (BWY 2012) and schools are no exception. The mindfulness wave has brought tolerance, interest and even passion for related sciences, especially yoga. Moreover, the new directive by the government of well-being interventions for both teachers and pupils, supports increased yoga in schools. You can view more information on this here.

Course content

The course is more than a training in how to teach asana to 11-22 year olds, it is also an exploration in how to share the philosophy and psychology of yoga to ensure more positive mental health for the students. The hope is that you will come away with a toolbox of material to use in the classroom, including class structures, behaviour management and ideas of how to share philosophy and psychology with the group. You may also come away with a deeper understanding of your own teenage years and the impact they had on your subsequent development.

This course will cover:

  • physical development
  • mental development (neuroscience)
  • psycho-social development and theories of adolescence
  • behavioural management
  • mindfulness techniques
  • how to structure a 10, 20, 30 or 60 minute class
  • how to introduce philosophical discourse involving yoga philosophy
  • how to introduce meditation
  • how to teach pranayama and asana
  • current situation in education and CAMHS and how to market yourself

The course comes with a detailed and comprehensive manual (130 pages), with plenty of practical class structures for you to use. In this manual you will find a detailed list of the benefits of yoga and a list of gender specific and age specific postures.

It is with a great deal of passion and conviction that Charlotta offers you this course; her life’s work and purpose. If you would like to chat or get to know Charlotta better, don’t hesitate to email her or read her blog here:

Click here for a recent article on why yoga should be on the curriculum.

Read an Elephant Journal article by Charlotta on Teaching Yoga to Young People.

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You will receive a TeenYoga certificate of completion following full attendance of the course and assigned homework.The course is accredited by the Independent Yoga Network and Yoga Alliance UK.

Pre Course Work

Please note that you will be required to carry out some pre-course assignments including pre-reading and/or reflections/journaling to enable you to get the most out of the training. We therefore recommend that you register for the course as early as possible to allow yourself plenty of time to prepare. You will receive instructions for the pre-course assignments together with your booking confirmation. Please note it is your responsibility to read the joining instructions that will be outlined in your booking confirmation email.



What our students say

Thanks for a wonderful course, it helped it many ways that I hadn't anticipated. The course content and pace were just right and the mini teaching sessions were a great way to practise teaching. The manual is great and a testament to the amount of work Charlotta has put into it. Victoria on Yoga and Mindfulness to Teens Teacher Training, November 2015


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