Anna Blackmore

Anna has been teaching yoga and practising as a bodywork therapist since 1982. She holds Sivananda and Iyengar yoga teaching certificates and has practised and studied many other yoga styles. She also has extensive qualifications and experience in western and oriental therapies, including osteopathy, shiatsu and hypnotherapy.

Anna Blackmore 28 Feb 201629

Anna Blackmore has over 35 years of experience in yoga and has been teaching yoga and practising as a bodywork therapist since 1982. Her yoga teaching journey began when she qualified as a Sivananda yoga teacher, she then went on to qualify as an Iyengar teacher in 1986 and has studied with many of the well known teachers of other styles of yoga. Anna has trained and qualified extensively in western and oriental bodywork, including osteopathy, various forms of massage, shiatsu and hypnotherapy. She is a hypnotherapist, has practised and taught shiatsu for over 25 years and was a practising osteopath for 11 years.

From 1986 to 1998 Anna taught shiatsu theory and practice, yoga, corrective exercises, anatomy, physiology and pathology for the European Shiatsu School, where she was responsible for designing courses and writing course material. She has also written course material for Yoga Campus and various articles on yoga and yoga therapy for complementary health websites. Not only knowledgeable about the body and its alignment, Anna has a great deal of experience in meditation and mind training techniques and has a particular interest in yoga psychology. The various strands of her training and experience have come together in her work as a yoga therapist, which she has studied with teachers in the UK, India and the USA.