Jane Craggs

Jane teaches inclusive and accessible yoga for peace and strength as one half of Svastha Yoga Manchester with Louise Tanner, offering workshops and retreats.

Jane Craggs Portrait

Jane teaches inclusive and accessible yoga for peace and strength as one half of Svastha Yoga Manchester with Louise Tanner, offering workshops and retreats.

Jane created Yogaspace in Manchester in 2002,and a sangha was created along with some lifelong associations. When Yogaspace closed its doors in 2005, the sangha continued as yoga teachers collective Manchester Yoga Shala, which ran successfully for 5 years. It was a wonderfully creative and heartfelt endeavour in a ramshackle building, and it was a beautiful container for some wonderful teachings and events.

She originally trained in Spain, trading her crazy life in touring theatre for the peace and steadiness of yoga teaching. She studied extensively with many inspirational teachers, most influentially Donna Farhi, before meeting the Mohan family. She feels very fortunate to have such dedicated and authentic teachers and does her best to pass on faithfully the teachings entrusted to her by them.

She continues her studies with them and is part of an international yoga community travelling to India and other parts of the world to complete trainings and following their online Yoga sutras study, as well as training in yoga therapy with their son, Dr Ganesh Mohan.

Svastha students have a small but supportive network,which feels like a family, sharing knowledge and expertise as well as mentoring.

Jane has always prioritised accessible and inclusive yoga and has set up a number of pioneering classes over the years including classes for Chronic fatigue, and adults with learning disabilities( 13 uninterrupted years!) and she now teaches for the Prison Phoenix trust which she finds inspiring and humbling.

She has also been working one to one with Yoga therapy since 2009 , and is a registered IAYT yoga therapist ,helping support clients with a range of conditions across mental and physical health spectrums.

She is passionate about helping to train new yoga teachers,and in her work for Yogacampus has helped support Northern teachers through teaching and mentoring in Hebden Bridge since 2011 and is now repeating this here in her adopted hometown, Manchester.

Jane absolutely loves India. Since 2002 she has travelled there annually, leading trekking and yoga adventures with small groups of yoga students and increasingly extending her stays until her 7 month sabbatical in 2009/10, when she studied Yoga Psychology with her teachers and also deepened her knowledge of Ayurveda, completing an Ayurvedic Therapy course. She has spent time all over the subcontinent, with extended periods in West Bengal, Orrissa and Tamil Nadu. She has through her many sponsored sun salutations raised funds for a number of charities and is currently raising funds for a village project near Bihar. She has also had many and varied adventures including sailing in the crocodile and Tiger infested Mangrove swamps of the Sunderbans at dawn with 4 other people and 200 blankets on what resembled a large piece of balsa wood!!

Her background in theatre (she originally trained and worked as a theatre designer) has been a surprisingly transferable skill, as have her years as part of a comedy double act (yoga hecklers so far not a problem!). Jane’s classes are friendly and accessible, and all are welcome to join. Yoga should be accessible to anyone who wishes to find peace and steadiness in a world that is anything but peaceful and steady!