Jill Amison

After discovering the transformative and healing powers Yoga had on her partner's Leukemia diagnosis, Jill has completed a 500hr Teacher Training, trained as a Yoga Therapist specialising in Yoga for Cancer, and most recently completed a 300hr advanced teacher training. Jill truly believes yoga is for everyone and teaches in a way that encourages and supports Every Body.


In 2001 my partner was diagnosed with Leukemia. We used basic yoga practices to assist with pain management and all the challenges that cancer brings. I realised then, that yoga was more than a ‘fitness’ activity. For me it is a healing and transformational practice on so many levels. I have since completed 500hr Teacher Training, trained as Yoga Therapist specialising in Yoga for Cancer and most recently completed 300hr advanced teacher training.

I obviously love to learn and gain knowledge, but for me, the real pleasure comes from sharing and witnessing how yoga makes a real difference to peoples’ lives. In addition to teaching my own classes I am also on the board of Yogacampus, Manchester, I teach on the 200 hour Yogacampus Teacher Training Course and the Yoga Therapy Diploma Course and also mentor trainee students on both courses.

My passionate and heartfelt belief in the practise of Yoga as a powerful tool for facilitating healing and transformation on all levels, physical, emotional and energetic, is founded on personal experience and observation. This belief is at the heart of each and every Yoga practice & class I teach. My classes are a creative and fluid inter-weaving of story telling, alignment based asana and philosophy, through which I seek to support my students and introduce them to yoga as a way to help deal with life’s challenges – however great or small. Yoga cannot remove the pain or lessen the challenging times, but it can give us a greater capacity and resilience to deal with life’s up and downs.
I truly believe yoga is for everyone and I teach in a way that encourages and supports Every Body.

Yoga continues to teach me so much about myself – it helps to empower me when I feel fear, it helps me to trust when I feel doubtful and it helps me to be present and at peace, even when there is chaos all around!! I can honestly say that Yoga has brought me so much joy and changed my life in so many ways. I am excited to continue to see the magic unfold!