Bart Adins

Bart is a Certified Rolfer™ with the European Rolfing Association. Having been fascinated by the mind and body connection from an early age, Bart pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Ghent University followed by a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology with a specialisation in Mindfulness.

He is the Founder of Chair-Up™, a movement practice that uses chairs as a transitional tool in order to help discover new movement possibilities and awareness. He sees this therapeutic practice as a means to apply healthy postural movements and habits in our every-day undertakings, not just for the duration of the yoga class. In most cases, pain is associated to how we hold ourselves and move through our lives. If we don’t address how we move and live outside our yoga practice, the positive effects of our practice will be short lived. For these deep changes in how we stabilise and orient throughout the day, we need to work with the intelligence of the body. It needs to go beyond traditional biomechanics, which regards the body as a machine. Chair-Up™ integrates a somatic and embodied approach, which goes beyond consciously “keeping yourself straight”. Through exploring sensations and perceptions we can learn on a deeper level how to get a different and healthier relationship in gravity.