Ben Wolff

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Ben is a London-based yoga teacher, clinical hypnotherapist and dream yoga practitioner. He is a tutor for London-held Total Yoga Nidra teacher trainings, Norman Blair’s Yin and Advanced Yin trainings, and is part of the faculty for Good Vibes 200 hr Teacher Trainings, teaching anatomy and physiology from a neuroscientific point of view. He also lectures on Yoga and Clinical Psychology in Society to PhD level at Salomans, Christchurch Canterbury University.

Ben has taught more than 40 workshops on The Breath, having spent 5 years researching its healing power and ability to relieve, reduce and remove suffering. His personal recovery from serious illness is a testament to it. He has established more than 50 individual and unique breaths specifically targeted to individual conditions and pathologies according to physiological principles based on how the nervous system operates. Inspired by his techniques, one of the methodologies is now being used for patients recovering from lung cancer surgery at St James Hospital, with extraordinary outcomes across all measures. Additionally he is part of the recently launched think tank Yoga 4 NHS, and is co-course designer and co-tutor of the Total Yoga Nidra CPD day, Advanced Yoga Nidra for Teachers and Therapists. He also teaches workshops on Dream Yoga and Consciousness. Ben’s key teachers include Dr Richard Brown, Dr Patricia Gerbarg, Norman Blair, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli.