Chloé McKay

As an experienced yoga teacher and physical therapist Chloé has taught both in London and internationally. She spent two years living and teaching in Western Australia and now lives in North Yorkshire.

Chloé trained in London and is a fully accredited teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. She has taught hundreds of students ranging in age from four years to people in their eighties, including beginners, sports professionals and experienced practitioners.

Since completing her initial training, Chloé has gone on to study with some of the world’s leading teachers including David Swenson and Sarah Powers.

Blending western and eastern philosophies, Chloé draws upon her background in physical therapy and mindfulness, as well as Chinese meridian theory and Indian chakra theory to address both the external and internal mind and body.

Chloé believes improved health and wellbeing is possible for everyone. She supports students and clients in discovering their own potential by working with body, mind and breath to develop strength, flexibility and contentment.