Dave Charlton

Dave Charlton has been practicing yoga since the mid eighties, and was a student of Paul Harvey for many years. Dave has also studied with Frans Moors and Peter Hersnack, two other direct students of Desikachar, and has found a particular affinity with Peter Hersnack’s approach to Yoga and the Yoga Sutra.

He completed the 4 year Viniyoga Practitioner Programme in 1992 and the Post Graduate Programme in 1999. Dave has also been involved in training for both Viniyoga Britain and the British Wheel of Yoga, and was a BWY Diploma Course Tutor for a number of years. Dave also has a particular interest in Sanskrit and Tibetan Buddhism.

Dave has worked closely with Ranju Roy since 2004, when they founded Sadhana Mala .Under this name, they have run many training courses, workshops and retreats and recently they have co-authored a new ground-breaking book on the Yoga Sutra called ‘Embodying the Yoga Sutra: Support, Direction and Space'