Eugene Butcher

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Eugene is known for helping yoga, acroyoga teachers and practitioners redefine what they believe is possible for themseves in creative, dynamic, and life-transforming ways. In particular he has helped many students and teachers discover their passion and ability for handstand and hand-to-hand, through AcroYogaDance methodology. Eugene is the co-founder of AcroYogaDance, Handstand Mastery and The Art for Life as well as founder of Ahimsa Yoga and Vegan Yoga Teachers. Two projects supporting and yoga teachers keen to “be the change they want to see” and to mention Ahimsa as well as asana.

Eugene has been teaching yoga and martial arts since 1995. He first encountered yoga through his Aunt, Terry Morris who taught Iyengar. As a young boy he was inspired by her humility, patience and constant joyfulness, but also fascinated by the way yoga affected her life off the mat in terms life choices, health and wellbeing. Eugene doesn’t believe in luck other than the teachers that he’s been forunate to learn from in yoga, martial arts, acroyoga and handstands. Eugene was training in martial arts when he began his own yoga practice with the incredibly inspiring Derek Ireland. There were no resident Ashtanga teachers in UK at the time, at the end of one workshop as Derek was about to head back to Crete, Goa or Brighton. He finally gave Eugene the name and number of another ashtanga teacher returning from Mysore to start regular classes in London, his name was John Scott. Both teachers have had a lasting impression on him.

In 2006 Eugene co-founded Oceans Wellbeing Centre near Brighton, teaching yoga and wellbeing martial arts. Eugene used yogic prinicples to help develop a Martial Art for Life, it was a new approach; where competition played no part, which put the long term health of the practitioner first and refused to compormise that priority. It was a practise accessible to all ages and abilities. The results were previously unheard of and turned the paradigms of a martial arts school on its head. The demographics of the school were 50% male/female and due to the restorative nature of the practise 50% of students were over retirement age, many trained 5-6 days a week. Students joining the school ranged from age 3 to 80 years young. Another first was, four grandparents who joined as beginners and 3 years later achieved their black belts together. The school was the subject of a feature on ITV Meridian news in 2010, local media and a BBC radio interview.

In 2012 Eugene began to explore the holistic and artistic possibilities of AcroYoga and therapeutic dance, later to become AcroYogaDance. He began pracitising, researching and later co-teaching with AcroYogaDance co-founder Pip Elysium. They have taught around the world together and the AcroYogaDance has began to become a movement expressed and enjoyed by people in all corners of the world. 

Eugene is a certified teacher with AcroYoga International and a Level 2 AcroYoga teacher. He has attended, assisted and facilitated many advanced acroyoga and advanced yoga trainings, workshops and retreats. He is a 4th dan black belt, a master NLP practitioner and long explored various methods of accelerated learning. Ironically this usually involves getting people to slow down. Eugene now teaches, performs, writes about AcroYogaDance, he’s been regularly published in Yoga Magazine, Om Yoga Magazine, Vegan Lifestyle mag and He is constantly exploring and pioneering new improved learning/ teaching methods to help people discover they can do things they never thought possible.

"It has been a privilege to learn from a person with such a wealth of knowledge. Rod's teaching is inspirational." A Yogacampus student , June 2010