Laurent Roure

Senior teacher Laurent Roure has one goal: to provide his students with tools like learning yoga poses mindfully, safely and efficiently, and using pranayama, breathwork,meditation and relaxation techniques to offer clarity. He continually encourages his students to look at and listen to their bodies’ needs and to subsequently become more in touch with their strengths, weaknesses, their breathing and their minds.

Based on 25 years of self-practice, continuous studies, and teaching in all sorts of conditions, places and with all kind of people, Laurent has cultivated a safe, welcoming and joyful approach to the art of teaching yoga mindfully.

During his classes, courses and workshops, you will often hear the words ‘kindness’, ‘awareness’, ‘acceptance’, ‘breath’, ‘ground’, ‘ease’, ‘surrender’ etc. He also strongly believes that traditional yoga needs to be simplified and shaped in a way that a greater majority of people find it more accessible and attainable. This experience allows every one of his students from all ages and backgrounds to safely rely on Laurent’s guidance in the process of accepting, recovering, and healing themselves, while improving their yoga practice and feeling happier in their life.

The teachers will find with Laurent’s strong support and advice and essential and safe tools that they will be able to offer more to their students and clients with confidence.

Laurent has studied, and continues to study deeply, Hatha yoga in all its form and shapes – including anatomy, pranayama, and meditation – for a very long time; his depth of experience enables him to individually tailor his private or group classes to suit his students’ abilities, minds and bodies.

Based in London, Laurent runs classes, workshops, courses and teacher training in the UK and Internationally. He is currently running top-rated 6-weeks courses at The Life Centre on Breathwork & Pranayama, How to Meditate and How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety.