Laurent Roure

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Based on 25 years of self-practice, continuous studies, and teaching a variety of practices, places and people, Laurent has cultivated a safe, welcoming and joyful approach to the art of teaching yoga mindfully. His meticulous and mindful approach to teaching yoga combines elements of the classical and contemporary. Through hatha yoga, pranayama and modern breathwork, Laurent offers a therapeutic practice suitable for all levels and abilities.

Laurent draws his pedagogic inspiration from his extensive study and practice of several yogic styles including ashtanga, Hatha and the work of Vanda Scaravelli. This multi-faceted approach is orientated towards giving students all the necessary tools to develop their practice in a way that feels most helpful for them. Laurent encourages his students to be attuned to their bodies’ needs but also their strengths in order to foster a safe and welcoming atmosphere. For Laurent, cultivation of a yoga culture which is caring, and understanding is of utmost importance.

In order to optimise the utility of his teachings for people’s everyday lives, Laurent embraces a contemporary interpretation of the Swami Gitananda system alongside other more recent breathwork methods. Without denying his classical foundation, he offers a grounded, practical and therapeutic approach to yoga and meditation with simple and creative tools attuned to suit all of his students and trainees’ needs.
Based in London, Laurent’s workshops, courses and training are run throughout the UK as well as internationally. He is currently running top-rated 6-week courses at The Life Centre entitled Breathwork & Pranayama: How to Meditate and How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety.

In his spare time, Laurent produce and offer a podcast about health and well-being called ‘The Penny Drops’