Maitripushpa Bois

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A self-proclaimed meditation geek, Maitripushpa has practicing meditation for over 30 years. Drawing mainly from the Buddhist tradition, her teaching is also influenced by her practice and study of meditation from the Taoist, Confucian, Catholic (Benedictine and Jesuit) traditions as well as by her 20+ year yoga practice and its meditative elements. She has been teaching meditation to yogis and at Buddhist centres for the past 15 years.

The centrality of body to her dance with meditation is clear through her emphasis on the somatic elements in meditation and her creative engagement with the huge variety of bodies meditating (that’s you!). Maitripushpa has spent the past 7 years researching early European understandings of Buddhist meditation in East Asia. The more she has studied, the more she sees that what is more important to her is how we practise and what we think we are doing when we practise. The endless opportunities – simple and practical – for transformation and freedom continually fascinate her. She encourages this child-like wonder through her teaching.