Pip Elysium

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Deepening her practice, Pip started to explore extending yoga into therapeutic dance as a whole body movement experience. This led her to explore combinations of fluidity in movement and eventually to movement which is now recognised as AcroYogaDance.

With examining the exploration of using two bodies in Yoga and AcroYoga, Pip has become one of the leading Experts in using body weight for flexibility using Acroyoga and additional methods of using heat and Fascia release to increase flexibility for adults which might of thought was not possible.

Pip has shadowed and studied with inspiring Acrobatic teachers such as Master Saina, Fons and Eugene and continues to share her passion of Handstands, Standing Acrobatics and Flexibility within AcroYogaDance.

In addition to teaching worldwide, monthly workshops and weekly classes. Pip regularly performs and continues to write articles in Yoga Magazine, Om Yoga Magazine and DoYouYoga.com
Pip is dedicated to inspire and help students achieve their dreams, encourage success and rise to the top of their capability of practicing AcroYogaDance.


"The training took me deeper in my inner journey of transformation. The teacher and the team are an embodiment of unconditional love, acceptance, understanding, compassion and so much more. I'm deeply grateful for this experience." Iskra Volkhina on Special Yoga for Special Children, November 2017