Sherezade Ruano-Santana

Sherezade works closely with high standard medical practitioners and organisations such as The British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Arrhythmia Alliance. She trained as a Hatha Yoga Cardiac and Cancer Therapist in the US and has participated in several research programmes focused on preventive medicine targeted to cardiovascular disease. She has designed the protocols, methodologies and interventions for a cardiovascular programme aimed to improve and enhance patient’s health and wellbeing by combining yoga with modern medicine. Sherezade currently uses this approach in both her private clinic as well as in the NHS.

She shares her passion of Yoga with those affected by or at risk of developing heart disease, as well as with cancer and other debilitating diseases such as stress, anxiety and autoimmune conditions.

Her introduction to meditation and yoga started more than 10 years ago when after giving up her classical dancing career she was ‘forced’ to explore new ways to heal herself from a chronic autoimmune disease. Through a transformational journey, she found yoga – in its totality- was the key instrument through which her healing process was fulfilled.

Sherezade is passionate about the therapeutic potential of Yoga particularly for those living with a condition that affects the Heart. She guides her students, clients and patients with compassion, care and patience.

"Excellent: very interesting... The day went so quickly as my whole attention was with the teacher. Best course I have ever attended at Yogacampus!" Jacqueline Rolison on Yoga for Anxiety: Practice and Practical Tips, March 2017