Sophie Carr

Sophie has been studying, practising and teaching yoga and meditation for 25 years. She has spent many years in India and counts BKS lyengar, Geeta Iyengar, John Scott, Shandor Remete, and particularly Clive Sheridan and Sarah Powers as her main influences in yoga. Over the years her yoga practice has been enhanced by working with Martine Batchelor, Martin Aylwood and Mark Coleman. She is registered with the Mindfulness Training Institute. She is a member of the Ridhwan School, studying the Diamond Approach, which interweaves elements of Sufism, Buddhism and depth psychology. Sophie is heart-centred in her teaching style, guiding the students in her classes, workshops and retreats towards inner stillness, physical vitality and emotional freedom. She specialises in teaching mindfulness, yin yoga, restoratives, pranayama and pregnancy yoga. She is also a birth doula and mindful birth educator.

Sophie co-owns the Stables Yoga Centre in York, which is home to the Yogacampus North teacher training, a large pregnancy and post-natal yoga program, and a full range of yoga classes.