Ulric Whyte

Ulric Whyte’s study of Satyananda Yoga began in 1991 under the guidance of Swami Pragyamurti and in recent years he has received initiation (mantra diksha) in this tradition. In 1999 he began to study Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Hamish Hendry and has completed Primary, Intermediate and is currently studying Advanced Series A. Ulric has studied with many teachers including Richard Freeman, Dena Kingsberg and Rod Stryker and is a qualified Shiatsu Therapist.

Ulric is a graduate of the first Yogacampus Teacher Training diploma course. He has been a student mentor on the teacher-training course since 2006 and has taught on the Yogacampus course since 2011. He has completed further trainings in teaching yoga nidra and yoga for people with cancer. Ulric has always striven to develop a safe and effective yoga practice for all his students. His explorations in this field have led him to study the work of Grey Cook (Functional Movement Systems) and embark on practitioner training with Gary Ward (Anatomy In Motion). Inspired by the effective treatment of long term injuries in the general population and the repeatable performance improvements in athletes that these systems provide, Ulric intends to fully integrate the principles of Anatomy In Motion into his yoga teaching and therapy work. He has a BWY Diploma, and is registered with Yoga Alliance UK as an 500-hour teacher.