Ulrica Norberg

Ulrica found meditation and yoga in her early teens when she was studying in the US. Her journey started with Zenbuddist studies, followed by two decades of exploring and deeply studying various styles of classical and modern aspects on yoga and meditation in Asia, India and the US. With a mind intrigued how things function and affect energy, she has spend many years studying physiology, anatomy, philosophy and spirituality. Now settled in the ISHTA yoga lineage she is one of their yogamasters and lead trainers in the 500 hr teacher training program as well as a master teacher in certain specialty trainings, such as ISHTA yinyoga.

This Sweden native, who lives in Stockholm with her husband and their two kids, is a trained journalist and dramatist and shares her teaching with work as a creative consultant, teaching creativity and innovation workshops. She has written 13 books on yoga and meditation and is currently writing a book on the Breath as well as working on a documentary project.
Ulrica holds a Masters degree from Stockholm University in Journalism and film and played an important role in yoga’s growth in Scandinavia from the 90´s on, she has trained over 600 yoga teachers around the world.

Ulrica has a strong faiblesse for travelling and sincere fascination for culture and diversity which had her living abroad for many years before she settled back in Stockholm, which is her base and from where she travels to teach workshops, retreats and trainings all over the world.

Her vast experience from life, knowledge and from having gone against and along the grid, shines through in her accepting teaching style and many feels at home in her classes. She is known for her deep knowledge, self-distance, inspirational spotting, pedagogic teaching and warm approach.


"The depth and breadth the course covers over 18 months combined with various teachers who are skilled practitioners in their respective fields is a wonderful way, of teaching the fundamental principles of how to teach yoga, without favouring one school of yoga nor subscribing to dogma." Thalbir Kaur Shokar on Yoga Teacher Training Diploma, August 2015