Maria Garré

Ayurvedic Practitioner + Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist + Prana Vinyasa Trainer

Maria has been an educator, author and practitioner in the field of wellness, Yoga and ayurveda for over 20 years. Her lifelong dedication to studying and teaching brings forth an integrated and practical approach to the whole of life.

Academically, she has pursued Undergraduate and Graduate studies in Philosophy, Biomedical Sciences and Education. Maria’s main root teachers in Yoga, Therapy and Ayurveda, Janine Galati, Shiva Rea and Vasant Lad, have inspired an integrated, yet authentic approach to uniting the wisdom within the Vedic healing sciences. Her teachings are also fertilized by her 12+ years of travel to India to lean from the source.

Professionally, she has served as lead faculty at the Ayurvedic Institute and Samudra School of Living Yoga and is currently the Founder/Director for the New Mexico School of Yoga.
Join or connect with Maria through her various retreats, trainings and online offerings throughout the world. For more information, you can find her at

"As someone who experienced a serious ethical transgression by their yoga teacher trainer, this workshop started me on a path back to my mat after I felt too disillusioned to practice. Uma and Lisa are compassionate, creative, and skilled at guiding you to find your way of being as part of the yoga teaching community..." Lulu Lavida on Intuition and Ethics, Intimacy and Boundaries: How to BE a Yoga Teacher and Therapist, August 2017