Sherezade Ruano-Santana

Sherezade is the Founder and Director of TheBreathingPractice programme, a project inspired by ancient techniques such as Yoga and Meditation, and driven my medical outcomes. She is a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in arrhythmias based at Imperial College NHS Trust, with extensive knowledge and background in Cardiovascular Research.

Sherezade Ruano Santana

Sherezade Ruano holds a MSc in Cardiac Nursing and has extensive experience in the Research Field. She works with highly renowned medical professionals in areas such as interventional cardiology, nuclear medicine, and electrophysiology. Fruit of her research work, she has been co-author in several studies in preventive medicine and cardiovascular research. She is currently a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in arrhythmias and independently run clinics in the community where she promotes lifestyle interventions for improving cardiac health alongside with conventional medical management for heart disease and cardiac rhythm disturbances.

Sherezade works closely with high standard organisations such as The British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Arrhythmia Alliance.

She trained as a Cardiac and Cancer Yoga Therapist in the US and qualified as a yoga teacher in London by the highly acclaimed training offered by Triyoga, in London. Her interest in this field is in the effects of mind-body practices for chronic conditions and specific clinical outcomes.

Sherezade is the Founder of The Breathing Practice programme and TheBreath Method. In the clinical environment she provides the best quality of care in Western medicine, whilst bringing the holistic perspective of optimising and balancing the function of every system in the body through evidence based therapies.

She is one of the new members of Yoga in Health Care Alliance, a council of experts devoted to integrating therapeutic yoga practice into healthcare systems.

Sherezade has currently been invited to join an International Medical Group of Holistic Recovery where she offers her expertise and supervises that all patients are compliance with the lifestyle modifications necessary to achieve an optimal recovery.

Having a plus in safety when teaching mind-body techniques, she understands health from a different perspective and firmly believes that recognising specific symptoms is paramount when dealing with high risk factors.