Calderdale Yoga Centre

2 Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7DD

Getting there

Follow road out of station to main road (A646 Burnley Road).

•Turn left on main road. Cross over at pedestrian crossing just before pavement peters out.

•Ignore road on right signposted to Keighley and continue on A646 towards centre of Hebden Bridge. Take right turn off main road into Albert Street. Moyles Hotel and Restaurant (currently closed) are on the corner.

•Aim for red telephone box clearly visible at end of Albert Street. At telephone box, turn left.

•As you turn left, look up and aim for tall mill chimney, passing into pedestrianised St George’s Square.

•Cross bridge over river on far side of St George’s Square (Shoulder of Mutton pub on left) to reach Market Square car park.

•Turn right just before car park into Valley Road.

•Cross diagonally across car park to reach Hangingroyd Lane. Turn right into Hangingroyd Lane. Calderdale Yoga Centre is on the right just after the Star Garage.


•There are 2 car parks in Market Square, one after the other. These plus the roads along either side are now pay and display even at weekends. •To find the yoga centre stand with the Town Hall behind you and go up the road on the left side of the car parks – this is Hanginroyd Lane. Calderdale Yoga Centre is on right just after the Star Garage that has a prominent sign •There is however free parking behind the yoga centre. Go along Valley Road (parallel to Hanginroyd Lane) and into Victoria Road and there is free parking in the residential areas.

+44 (0)7990 541229 (Jon Pearson)

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Suggested Accommodation

The Hebden Bridge Tourist Office maintains an up-to-date list of local accommodation.

Tel: 01422 843831



Further Information

"Loved it! Incredible insight and amazing teacher. It's great to find someone who shares all this knowledge. Probably the best teacher I have met in my short life. " Borja S. on Kundalini: the Grandeur and Spirit of Yoga, December 2015