Self-Care and Yoga: The Intersection Between Marma Therapy and Yoga, with Myofascial Foundations

This two-day therapeutic workshop offers a theoretical and practical training on the connection between Marma therapy and Yoga, offering insight in to managing common areas for ailment including hips, knees, feet, wrists neck and jaw.

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The affinity between Marma therapy in Ayurveda and the perspective on health taken by Hatha Yoga — on both a theoretical and practical level — has rarely been made explicit as a system of self-care. But the expanding field of myofascial therapy provides a sound basis for exploring this relationship between Marma and Yoga, and finding applications in practice — especially to specific problems.

This two-day training will not be simply theoretical, though it will provide foundations for credibly understanding these connections. We’ll focus on some specific and common therapeutic problems that are responsive to self-care practices — in the hips, knees and feet, as well as shoulders down to the wrists, neck and jaw — and make connections between marma points and yoga practices in a way that sets forth some simple and manageable programs of action.

These suggestions for work will be grounded in contemporary understanding and practices in a way that gives confidence in sharing these ideas with students and clients for specific problems, while respecting the boundaries for scope of practice.

This training promises to open up some new inspiration and possibilities for sharing the therapeutic wisdom of yoga, which plenty of news-you-can-use!

Doug is also running a 5-day intensive on Foundations, Skills and Applications of the Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga running from Saturday 5th to Wednesday 9th October 2019.


You will receive a Yogacampus certificate of completion on full attendance of the course.

What our students say

Doug is without ego! He is so clear and just full of great revelations. He has changed the way I practice. A Yogacampus student on Doug Keller's Yoga as Therapy Intensive, May 2014

Course Information