Sometimes we are not sure how to access our creativity or inspiration, and from time to time we know what we want to do or say, but we are unsure how to truly express ourselves.

As children, our first dreams may have been to be an astronaut, a firefighter, an actor or singer. Most children do not get the privilege to express their dreams. Most are being told by their surroundings to get back to reality, stop showing off, or that their dreams are unachievable. As a result, many children give up their dreams and literally mute their ability to express their thoughts, ideas, aspirations and emotions.

When we, adults, deny children from expressing themselves freely, we create a generation which is afraid to express itself, explore, innovate, and create. These communication blocks have been documented in medical literature as potentially leading into unhealthy situations, both physically and mentally.

Therefore, just as we practice yoga on the mat, or yoga in our daily life as adults, we can also use yoga as a magical tool to provide children with the ability to fully express themselves in any form. Doing that will allow our children to express their deepest emotions, to be heard, seen, noticed, and accepted. As Albert Einstein acknowledged many years ago: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Throughout the workshop, we will concentrate on introducing tools to enhance children’s motorical, verbal and emotional expression through the practice of yoga. In creative ways, we will learn how to enable the children, stimulate self-expression and give them a stage for their creativity. We will explore how yoga practice can be extended and become a fantastic and invaluable tool to nurture the child’s imagination and curiosity and enhance their language skills.

You will come out of the workshop with tangible knowledge and ideas that will make a happy addition to your tool box and will spice up your yoga practice with children and kids yoga classes. Such ideas will include, among others, the use of different props, the use of Enchanted Wonders A-Z yoga cards, games, songs and more.

The course is open to parents, yoga teachers and trainee yoga teachers and to those working with children. Yoga practice experience in necessary.

About Ayala Homossany

With an unyielding appreciation for the creative elements that yoga entails, Ayala Homossany uses her background in classical ballet and design to bring her own unique teaching into classes. Ayala is the author of the Enchanted Wonders ™ cards and is a qualified British Wheel of Yoga and a senior Yoga Alliance teacher.

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Saturday 3rd March 2018

9.30am to 5pm with one hour for lunch



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Maximum participants: 28

Number of hours: 6

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The Light Centre (Moorgate)


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The course is open to parents, yoga teachers and trainee yoga teachers and to those working with children. Yoga practice experience in necessary.

What our students say

As well as yoga, this has been a fantastic lesson in parenting. If every new parent or teacher had access to a class like this, the world would be a better place. Ayala is brilliant, what an inspiration! Looking forward to the next one! Terri Sinden on Elevating Children's Imagination, Creativity and Self Expression through Yoga, July 2017

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