Our Story

We are genuinely humbled by the number of students who have reported that their life has changed as a result of studying with Yogacampus.

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The Life Centre Education Limited was established in 2003 by the people behind The Life Centre, one of London’s oldest and most respected yoga centres, to address a perceived lack of high quality, non-dogmatic yoga teacher training in the UK. We brought together a group of teachers with years of experience, wisdom, knowledge, and expertise to design our first teacher training course, drafted in some experts in particular areas, and launched our first intake in London. Shortly afterwards, we began hosting top international yoga teachers, both to contribute to teacher training and to offer their expertise to dedicated yoga students – who came not just from the UK, but from across the world.

As we grew, we also started to offer a range of specialist training courses for yoga teachers wishing to broaden their skills in areas such as teaching yoga for pregnancy and to children. In 2006, we joined forces with the Yoga Biomedical Trust to offer yoga therapy training for the first time.

In 2008, we decided that the time had come to create a new brand which reflected our commitment to high quality yoga education. Courtesy of our good friend, and one of our visiting teachers – Richard Freeman – we chose the name ‘Yogacampus’, and have operated under that name since early 2009. In 2010, we offered our first yoga therapy training independently of the Yoga Biomedical Trust.

Since 2003, we have trained over a thousand yoga teachers and many top yoga therapists, as well as numerous experts in pregnancy yoga, yoga for children, yoga for teens, and several other specialist disciplines. We have also introduced hundreds of yoga students, from Europe and beyond, to the teaching of some of the world’s most highly respected yoga authorities, across the whole spectrum of yoga, as well as many of our own top UK based teachers. We were at the forefront of offering specialist yoga training online, and continue to develop our range of live online, recorded, and blended courses.

Yogacampus is now one of the UK’s largest yoga training organisations. Our teacher training courses are currently offered in London, Manchester and York, and our other trainings and events in a range of locations, as well as online. What really sets us apart is our range of quality teachers, their passion for passing on their yoga knowledge to the next generation of teachers, and their commitment to helping yoga teachers find their own unique teaching voice, whatever their chosen style.

We also believe strongly in the life-changing aspect of yoga. Yoga is much more than asana. It is how we live our lives day-to-day and off the mat. Our students come from all walks of life and, while many are full time yoga teachers, others are simply dedicated yoga students who wish to know more about the ancient wisdom of the yoga traditions. We are genuinely humbled by the number of students who have reported that their life has indeed changed as a result of studying with Yogacampus.