Training the next generation of guides, leaders and teachers for the yogic traditions.

Our in depth courses are informed by the latest up to date academic research, adapting the classical teachings of yoga for the demands and interests of a contemporary student body.

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About Yogacampus

We are a not-for-profit organisation offering a wide range of non-dogmatic yoga courses and events. Since 2003, we have been one of the UK’s leading trainers of yoga teachers and yoga therapists, as well as the number one destination for teachers and dedicated yoga students wishing to broaden their skills through training in a specialist area, or simply to expand their yoga knowledge. Our events are offered face to face, and also in a range of online and blended delivery methods.

Yogacampus Diversity and Accessibility Bursaries

We are committed to increasing diversity and accessibility in the yoga world. As a yoga educator we want to make yoga education accessible and affordable to people of all backgrounds. One practical way we feel we can play a part in increasing diversity is to provide a bursary place on our Diploma and Specialist Trainings.

Bursary places will be awarded to teachers or trainees who have the ability and commitment to take the course teachings into a disadvantaged community and play their part in the drive to increase accessibility to these profoundly healing practices. Priority will be given to those who themselves are from marginalised or vulnerable groups or are from a minority ethnic background.

We will provide a 50% bursary place on each Specialist Training Course. To apply for a bursary please see the application date on each Course page together with the application date.

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Isabell Britsch
Isabell Britsch
Specialist Course and Event Teachers