We were delighted to welcome the opportunity to feature Judith Hanson Lasater’s upcoming in-person Yogacampus courses in April’s issue of Yoga Magazine.

In the interview Judith discusses her incredibly impressive career and her path toward Restorative Yoga:

’My path toward Restorative Yoga stems from the death of my twin brother in 1992. For a year after that I really could not get excited about handstands in the centre of the room. Or even standing poses. All I could do were supported poses. I experienced the incredible benefit of Restorative yoga at a time when I most needed it. I was seeking solace in silence, stillness, and slow movement. So my practice definitely evolved into a Restorative practice because at the end of my very first yoga class during Savasana I was thinking, “Why are we lying here wasting all this time? We could be doing things!” I taught my first Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in the late summer of 2001, and subsequently decided to write a book about it (Relax and Renew) which explores the potential of regaining health via meditative movement’.

Judith goes on to discuss how can individuals incorporate the the principles of nonviolent communication (NVC) - or 'the yoga of speech:

‘Buddhism teaches right speech and the Yoga Sutra includes Satya, but neither one of those teachings actually tell you the steps involved. NVC is a technique of putting compassion into practice.

We often believe that communication is about what we say but it is really about what the other person hears and feels listening to us. NVC helps us bring awareness to what we say and how we say it so that the other person truly hears us’.

Judith also talks about her upcoming in-person courses in London and the importance of the pelvis in yoga:

‘The pelvis is quite simply everything - movement originates in the pelvis, just like standing up and sitting down. So it is so important for yoga teachers to have this knowledge to keep their students safe and understand the importance the pelvis plays in asana. If we take Trikonasana for example if you try and take Trikonasana without moving the pelvis you are essentially asking the lumbosacral spine to bend, almost like bending like a pipe cleaner or bending as a two-dimensional figure - you are not a two-dimensional-figure. When you work with the pelvis, the pelvis initiates the movement, when you allow the pelvis to move you will instantly feel the energetic line from the shoulder joint through the pelvis, to the knee and down to the back leg, elongating the underside body’.

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Walking from the Pelvis with Judith Hanson Lasater