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Heropic Catherine Adams laughing

I absolutely loved how Ayala ran this course. Everything about it was inspiring and engaging. The activities were varied and fun, Ayala held space space beautifully for everyone to feel comfortable to be themselves, and has adapted the content so beautifully to work online. I couldn't have loved this course more! I left feeling confident and full of ideas and inspiration for leading my own children's yoga classes. I highly recommend this training for anyone who is interested in bringing yoga and meditation in a magical way to the young people in their life.

M. Sandoval on LIVE ONLINE: Empowering Children through Yoga and Creativity , July 2020

Great Examples and experiential opportunities provided.
The teacher effectively gave us ‘ingredients’ to experiment with and explore as applied to finished products or ‘recipes’ which gives us room to be creative and think.

A Yogacampus Student

I am so glad I finally signed up for the course after thinking about it for so long. It has been fantastic, I have learned so much. I feel it has really consolidated some of my prior learning, has given me the confidence and enthusiasm to delve deeper into other areas I might have shied away from before and introduced me to a wealth of new knowledge which will stand me in good stead for the future.

I am particularly pleased I chose the longer, online course. It has encouraged and allowed me the time to research important areas in more detail and enhance my knowledge enormously.

Thank YOU for being a fantastic tutor - an additional bonus of the online course! You have been incredibly encouraging and it has been fantastic to be able to discuss issues with you. How funny I should have mentioned mentoring to you last time! I think this is a hugely valuable offering from teen yoga.

Nicola Whitehead