Our Purpose and Vision

What does Yogacampus do, and why do we believe so passionately in what we do?

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Our purpose

Yogacampus is here to:

  • give yoga teachers and yoga therapists skills so that they can achieve their full potential, earn a good living, and make a difference in their communities
  • evolve the next generation of yoga teachers and yoga therapists who are passionate about sharing the ancient wisdom and teachings of yoga in the modern world.

Our vision

At Yogacampus, our vision is to share yoga knowledge: to help preserve and disseminate the great teachings of yoga through the ages, while being a leader in making those teachings relevant to yoga teachers and yoga therapists in the 21st century.

Our mission

By bringing you the best teachers of yoga and related fields, Yogacampus stands for providing high-quality courses that are educationally robust and are unique in how they push the boundaries while honouring the ancient traditions of yoga.

Yoga is constantly evolving (now more than ever) and while its wisdom does not fade, it needs to be made accessible in our modern everyday life. Offering you knowledge, skills and experience of our internationally recognised teachers, we help you be cutting-edge and relevant.