Over the years, our teachers and students have written some great articles for us. Here you can meet some of our teachers, discover more about their teachings, and see what some of our graduates are up to.

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Judith Lasater Portrait

A Conversation with Judith Hanson Lasater

We spent time chatting with renowned yoga teacher Judith Hanson Lasater to talk all things pelvis and as Judith explains, "The pelvis is everything in the practice of asana. It's how the pelvis is translating the pose from the vertebral column to the legs."...

Judith Hanson Lasater Yogacampus
Judith Hanson Lasater
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
Finsbury park studio

Finsbury Park Studio Closing

After careful consideration and as part of our evolving business strategy, we've decided to close our Finsbury Park studio. This decision doesn't reflect any change in our commitment to serving you, our beloved community, but rather stems from a shift in our operational needs as we no longer need the sole use of this studio....

Anne Malone

Integrating Sacred Sound Healing for Holistic Wellbeing

Finding moments of tranquility and inner peace is a cherished pursuit. One avenue towards holistic well-being that's gaining momentum is the practice of Sound Healing. This therapeutic approach harnesses the transformative power of sound, guiding individuals on a profound journey towards balance, restoration, and connection with their inner selves.

At the heart of this practice lies Anne Malone, a musician and Sacred Sound expert who has a deep understanding of how music and movement intertwine, Anne brings a unique blend of wisdom and experience to the realm of sound healing. We caught up with Anne to find out more about her upcoming course and her experiences of Sacred Sound....

Anne Malone Portrait with sound bowl
Anne Malone
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
Yoga Mag cover

Judith Hanson Lasater Featured in Yoga Magazine

We were delighted to welcome the opportunity to feature Judith Hanson Lasater’s upcoming in-person Yogacampus courses in April’s issue of Yoga Magazine. In the interview...

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Yoga for Back Pain Relief: What Every Teacher Needs to Know

Do your students struggle with back pain that yoga seems to exacerbate instead of relieve? In this must-read blog, learn how to support all bodies on their mats from renowned back care expert Anji Gopal. Through case studies from her 15+ years of clinical work and yoga therapy programmes, Angie shares anatomical knowledge and teaching techniques that will boost your confidence in accommodating injuries. Discover simple modifications, props and sequencing adjustments that can make yoga safe and accessible for chronic back issues....

Michael Stone Portrait

Remembering Michael Stone

We take time to remember Michael Stone and his profound legacy, Yogacampus offers the 'Foundations in Teaching Mindfulness Meditation' course as a tribute to his commitment to sharing the transformative power of mindfulness. Through this comprehensive nine-week journey, participants delve into mindfulness practice, guided by Michael's wisdom and insights. As we honour Michael's memory, we embrace his teachings with gratitude and carry forward his legacy of compassion, presence, and mindfulness into our lives and communities....

Teens Online Heart

The future of Yoga for Kids and Teens

Discover the transformative power of yoga for children's mental health. In this blog we explore how yoga therapy is revolutionising mental health care, offering holistic support for young minds. From reducing stress to boosting self-esteem, learn how yoga enhances physical, mental, and emotional well-being in children. Hear firsthand accounts from kids and parents, and join us in celebrating the integration of yoga therapy into mainstream mental health services. Together, let's embrace yoga as a potent tool for cultivating resilience, inner peace, and whole-hearted well-being....

Charlotta Martinus Portrait 2015
Charlotta Martinus
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
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How you can Embrace the Seasonal Shifts

How you can Embrace the Seasonal Shifts Well, hello Spring! We’re sure you have noticed the lighter evenings creeping in (what a joy!). Spring Equinox...

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Fascial, stress, trauma and sensory connections with digestive issues

Our physical forms act as vessels, embodying the multitude of experiences we encounter. This intricate dance reflects the equilibrium between our inner essence and the external world. At the core of this intricate interplay lies our digestive system, serving as a vital conduit for assimilating nourishment and purging that which no longer serves us. Discover how we are interconnected,,,...

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Sunlight before Screens

“We as humans spent 300,000 years evolving out in nature. These chemicals {dopamine, oxytocin ,serotonin and endorphins} during those 300,000 years, like every part of us were evolving and trying to help us. Dopamine for example, if we were out there hunting and looking for food and building shelter it would reward these behaviours and suddenly our dopamine would go up because those behaviours were vital to surviving. If you then put a hunter gatherer in the modern world like our ancestors in the modern world and suddenly they have sugar phones and sat inside all day and sleeping and became disconnected all these these chemicals would drop and that really is where we're at as a society, all of these chemicals are low for all of us”. TJ POwer...

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Restorative Yoga for Self-Regulation

Learn when you need to self-regulate your nervous system...

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What is Nonviolent Communication?

Have you ever paused to consider the immense power your words hold? The ability to heal, connect, and transform, or, sometimes, to hurt, alienate, and destroy? 🌿...