Over the years, our teachers and students have written some great articles for us. Here you can meet some of our teachers, discover more about their teachings, and see what some of our graduates are up to.

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Beyond Pranayama, by Doug Keller

Yogacampus are delighted to invite Doug Keller back to teach a 2 day workshop on Pranayama is More than Breath. We caught up with Doug...

Doug Keller Portrait
Doug Keller
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
Isabell Britsch Yogacampus mindfulness

Mindfulness - pausing for presence, by Isabell Britsch

Many of us live fast paced and busy lives, surrounded by a lot of noise, movement and constant stimulus. We are constantly catching up with...

Isabell Britsch
Isabell Britsch
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
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5 essential tips from our conscious marketing experts 

As business owners in the yoga and wellbeing space, we know that we cannot separate our values from the work we do in the world...

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Adrian Kowal
Graduate Events
Charlotte Watts yoga fascia and core

The True Key to Deep Core Connection

Connecting into the fascial matrix Anatomical study has traditionally separated our structural bodies into muscles and bones. This stems from the work of pioneers like...

Charlotte Watts Portrait
Charlotte Watts
Specialist Course and Event Teachers, Yoga Therapy Diploma Faculty
Teaching yoga for digestive health

Digestive Health: Holding Stress & Trauma in the Gut

Yoga teacher, Charlotte Watts explores the relationship between our digestive health and wellbeing in this blog post. Read on to find out how yoga can help us understand how we hold tension in the gut....

Charlotte Watts Portrait
Charlotte Watts
Specialist Course and Event Teachers, Yoga Therapy Diploma Faculty
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Why Learn Online? The Benefits of Studying on Pre-Recorded Courses

👉 FLEXIBLE LEARNING: MORE TIME TO ABSORB CONTENT AND REVIEW CONCEPTS. Our Pre Recorded course modules are released weekly, with no live times to attend...

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Graduate Discussion Event Nov 2021: 'Collaborative Sense-Making: The Current Climate of Teaching Yoga'

Our online event ‘Collaborative Sense-Making: The Current Climate of Teaching Yoga’ took place in November 2021. This was a moderated panel discussion, including 4 experienced teachers who were invited to share their perspective on what yoga teachers are facing today. The aim of the event was to stimulate group discussion around the current teaching climate and engage in identifying ways in which organisations like Yogacampus can support teachers. The outcome of this discussion was a set of useful next steps, which inspired the development of our Graduate Community discussion group events....

Daniel Groom

Graduate Discussion Event April 2022: 'The Business of Yoga and our Self Care' with Daniel Groom

How do we take care of ourselves while running a business which supports others? Daniel Groom, faculty member of the Yoga Therapy course, led a discussion on navigating the peaks and pitfalls of running your own business from a yogic perspective....

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Graduate Discussion Event June 2022: 'Introduction to Trauma Awareness in Yoga Teaching' with Amelia Wood

In June, we gathered together for an introductory discussion about ‘What is trauma?’, and the difference between being trauma-informed and trauma-aware as yoga teachers....

Daniel Groom Yoga

Graduate Discussion Event Sept 2022: 'Teaching without Assumptions: Being Inclusive and Welcoming with Language' with Daniel Groom

The discussion group led by Yoga Therapy Associate Board and faculty member Daniel Groom was an opportunity to talk about ways we support students with the language we use in yoga classes....

Petra Coveney menopause Yoga

Graduate Discussion Event Oct 2022: 'Menopause Awareness & Breaking Taboos' with Petra Coveney

In October 2022 we celebrated Menopause Awareness Month within our community of graduates (and current trainees) with a discussion group led by Petra Coveney....