Over the years, our teachers and students have written some great articles for us. Here you can meet some of our teachers, discover more about their teachings, and see what some of our graduates are up to.

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Celebrating 15 years of the Yogacampus Teacher Training with Sian O'Neill

Can you believe that this year marks 15 years of the Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma? Wow! We’ve just started with our 30th intake in London...

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Helpful or Harmful? The Twin Potential of Yoga for People with Eating Disorders by Lisa Kaley-Isley

Often, the relationship between trauma and eating disorders are interlinked together because of the inability to find comfort in the body and mind. This uncomfortable...

Lisa Kaley Isley Portrait
Lisa Kaley-Isley
Yoga Therapy Diploma Faculty, Specialist Course and Event Teachers
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THAT's Yoga - The Healing Power of Yoga in the NHS by Kate Binnie

In honour of the NHS 70th year of service in the UK, we asked Kate Binnie, a Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Lecturer on Palliative Care, who...

Kate Binnie New
Kate Binnie
Specialist Course and Event Teachers, Yoga Therapy Diploma Faculty
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Tired of your sleep troubles? Try Super Sleep Yoga with Lisa Sanfilippo

How often do you wake up feeling refreshed and well rested every morning? Do you often get more than 5-6 hours of sleep a night...

Lisa Sanfilippo
Lisa Sanfilippo
Specialist Course and Event Teachers, Yoga Therapy Diploma Faculty
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The Heart of Practice

An estimated 7 million people in the UK are living with some form of cardiovascular disease and over 25% of deaths are a result of...

Katrina Repka

Katrina Repka: Becoming One with yourself through personal transformation and self-realisation

Yogiraj (Yoga Master) Katrina Repka has been studying yoga since 1990 and teaching since 2001. Her early training in her hometown of Calgary, Canada, was...

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Katrina Repka
Specialist Course and Event Teachers, Teacher Training Faculty
Mindfulness and compassion

Why I developed the Integrating Mindfulness & Compassion In Professional Practice Course

Karen’s journey into Mindfulness began in her early twenties after having completed a nursing degree and working alongside psychologists she specialised in teaching Mindfulness and...

Anne Malone Guitar

Sound Healing - a Journey Into the Heart of Sacred Sound - Anne Malone's Story

Have you ever asked yourself why that song or piece of music moves you so much … or why you happily spend hundreds of pounds...

Anne Malone Portrait with sound bowl
Anne Malone
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
Yogacampus teacher training diploma

Yoga for Cardiovascular Health

Sherezade works closely with high standard medical practitioners and trained as a Hatha Yoga Cardiac and Cancer Therapist in the US. Here she talks about...

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Ayala Homossany: Yoga for Toddlers, Children and Families

Ayala has a sincere appreciation for creativity of any kind. Through her work with children and their parents she hopes to create a space of...

Ayala Homossany
Ayala Homossany
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
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'Roots of Yoga' book launch with James Mallinson, Mark Singleton and guests

SOAS and Yogacampus are delighted to be supporting James Mallinson and Mark Singleton as they discuss their new book: Roots of Yoga on Monday 24th...

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James Mallinson
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
Sam Loe

Sam Loe: from Devon to Nelson (NZ)

In this series, we catch up with some of our inspiring Teacher Training graduates to see where life has taken them since the start of...