Charlotte Watts

Charlotte is a Yoga Alliance Senior Teacher (SYT) who first discovered yoga as a way to overcome stress, before training to teach and moving on to focus on yoga for those with ME and Chronic Fatigue and chronic pain. She is also an award winning nutritionist and author of five books.

Charlotte Watts Portrait

Charlotte attended her first yoga class in 1996 and immediately knew that it would be a large part of the route to overcoming her stress-related issues. She trained at the Vajrasati Yoga School in Brighton (500 hour Yoga Alliance training) founded by Jim Tarran who is influenced by Buddhism and brought a natural mindfulness aspect to practising yoga. This was the beginning of a relationship with yoga focusing on taking time and finding space to feel subtleties of the experience, energetics and responses within the practice and create full body awareness within postures.

Charlotte then went on to train in teaching yoga for people with ME and Chronic Fatigue with Fiona Agombar and teaching for chronic pain with Heather Mason, continuing her interest in yoga as therapy for anxiety, depression and stress states. She deepened her mindfulness practice as a result of a specific mindfulness course for yoga teachers with Cathy-Mae Karelse. She continues to study with teachers Tias Little and Joanne Avison as they combine her love of mindful, somatic practice, yoga as meditation, the contemporary anatomy of biotensegrity and an explorative and compassionate attitude – alongside attention to alignment with respect to the individual needs of students.

Charlotte is an author with many published books, including Yoga and Somatics for Immune and Respiratory Health (Singing Dragon 2022), Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health (Singing Dragon 2018), Good Mood Food (Nourish 2018) and The De-Stress Effect (2015).

Charlotte teaches classes in Brighton and London, workshops, UK yoga weekends and retreats abroad. She also runs courses and retreats specifically for yoga teachers to attend to their own self-care so they have the resources to support others. She is assisted by Leonie Taylor (500 RYT).

Upcoming Courses

March 2023

Teaching Yoga for Immune and Respiratory Health

31st March 2023 - Online (Live) - Charlotte Watts

April 2023

Teaching Yoga for Stress, Burnout & Fatigue - including Long-COVID

16th April 2023 - Online (Live) - Charlotte Watts & Leah Barnett

Yoga & Somatics for Healing & Recovery in-person workshops: London

29th April 2023 - The Light Centre (Monument) Face to face - Charlotte Watts

May 2023

Teaching Yoga for Digestive Health

19th May 2023 - Online (Live) - Charlotte Watts

June 2023

Yoga & Somatics for Healing & Recovery in-person workshops: Manchester

3rd June 2023 - Yogacampus Manchester Face to face - Charlotte Watts

Teaching Yoga for Immune and Respiratory Health

23rd June 2023 - Online (Live) - Charlotte Watts

September 2023

Yoga & Somatics for Healing & Recovery Online Training

5th September 2023 - Online (Live) - Charlotte Watts