Black lives matter, BAME and BIPOC lives matter and we stand by them, we stand by you. We are hearing loud and clear the voices of those speaking up about racism, exclusion and inequality reflected within the Yoga industry and in our lives.

The significant social shifts that we are witnessing serve as a call to action; for us as an organisation and with an established presence within the Yoga industry to impact structural changes from within; ensuring that diversity, equality and inclusivity become the foundations on which we work and serve as practitioners and teachers.

At Yogacampus we are taking a pledge to play our part in making a long-awaited change in the Yoga industry because a change must take place and now is the time to act.

Through sharing knowledge, we foster connection and relationship with each other. Viewing this philosophy through a new lens, we acknowledge the necessity as an established organisation to provide opportunities for those who are underrepresented in the Yoga space.

We are seeking to address this with immediate actions over the coming weeks; and are inviting comments, feedback and ideas on what can be done to impact real change and ensure that Yoga truly becomes a space that welcomes all.

1. We are tailoring our pre-existing bursary scheme, offering:

  • an 80% bursary place on our Yoga Teacher Training Diploma for BAME / BIPOC students each year; and
  • we are working out the details for bursaries for BAME / BIPOC students wishing to study specialist courses.

2. With some of our teachers, we are looking at offering a platform of live Q&A discussions on topics including anti-racism, diversity, equality and inclusivity within yoga. Our aim is to create a space to share and discuss, and listen and learn from each other’s experiences of practising and teaching in the current yoga landscape.

We recognise that there are other groups underrepresented in yoga such as men, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities to mention just a few. We hope that with opening up conversations about the BAME and BIPOC agenda, we encourage conversations about other groups, too.

There is plenty to do to create a permanent change and we are willing to do our part.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas for how these can be developed on, please contact us on Facebook, Instagram or at

Warm regards,