Over the years, our teachers and students have written some great articles for us. Here you can meet some of our teachers, discover more about their teachings, and see what some of our graduates are up to.

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Yoga's Role in Addressing the Global Stress Epidemic

In today's fast-paced world, stress has become an epidemic, with the World Health Organisation ranking it as a leading cause of disability. The advent of Long-COVID has further intensified the need for holistic healing approaches. Our upcoming course, 'Teaching Yoga for Stress, Burnout & Fatigue - including Long-COVID,' co-taught with Charlotte Woods, offers a comprehensive solution. Designed for healthcare professionals, yoga teachers, and those in alternative healing fields, this course delves deep into the intersection of yoga and modern health challenges. With a blend of physical practices, breathwork, and enlightening lectures, participants will gain tools to address extreme stress, burnout, and fatigue. More than just a course, it's a call to adapt, heal, and thrive in the face of modern challenges. Join us on this transformative journey....

What is Pratyahara?

What is Pratyahara?

Pratyahara, is a Sanskrit word meaning "withdrawal of the senses.” It is not just a practice but a gentle retreat into the sanctuary of our beings, offering a respite from the external noise that often cloud our mental and emotional landscapes....

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Demystifying Palliative Care Through Yoga

A profound connection exists between palliative care and yoga – both are philosophies that inherently accept death as a standard passage in the continuum of life. They harmoniously intertwine in their shared vision: enhancing the quality of life for those living with life-limiting illnesses and ensuring the well-being of their families and caregivers....

Back Care Jan 2023

Lower back pain for yoga and non-yoga students

As an osteopath and yoga teacher, there is one thing that Anji notices that causes a grumbly lower back. This is an inadvertent tendency to arch and extend a little too much in the lower joints of the spine. The base of the lower back is an area that is most commonly injured or contributes to back pain in yoga students and non-yoga students alike....

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Supporting Women Through Menopause

This Menopause Awareness Month, we delve into the empowering practice of Menopause Yoga—a blend of Western Medical Science and time-honoured Eastern traditions. Menopause Yoga at Yogacampus invites us to understand our bodies, connect through shared stories, and embrace this 'second spring' with open hearts. Together, we celebrate, understand, and uplift each other through this profound phase of life....

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Rethinking the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Evolving with the Yoga Market

Yogacampus are pausing the recruitment of new 200-Hour Teacher Training Diploma intakes whilst we examine two key questions in the context of the current yoga...

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Fields And Flows of Yin yoga, by Norman Blair

I first met Sarah Powers in June 2002. My friend Jeff Phenix encouraged me to attend Sarah’s weekend Yin yoga workshop at Triyoga in north...

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Norman Blair
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The Art of Assisting Yoga Asana, by Isabell Britsch

I’m passionate about teaching yoga classes in a multi-layered way: I aim to create a well thought through and creative sequence, precisely cue alignment, add...

Isabell Britsch
Isabell Britsch
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
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Beyond Pranayama, by Doug Keller

Yogacampus are delighted to invite Doug Keller back to teach a 2 day workshop on Pranayama is More than Breath. We caught up with Doug...

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Doug Keller
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Mindfulness - pausing for presence, by Isabell Britsch

Many of us live fast paced and busy lives, surrounded by a lot of noise, movement and constant stimulus. We are constantly catching up with...

Isabell Britsch
Isabell Britsch
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5 essential tips from our conscious marketing experts 

As business owners in the yoga and wellbeing space, we know that we cannot separate our values from the work we do in the world...

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Alexandra Shah
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