How you can Embrace the Seasonal Shifts

Well, hello Spring!

We’re sure you have noticed the lighter evenings creeping in (what a joy!). Spring Equinox emerges on Wednesday 20th March 2024, heralding the season of renewal and rejuvenation. As the sun's power intensifies, the days lengthen, and the nights shorten, nature awakens from its winter slumber - and maybe you too?

Celebrated as the onset of Spring, the Equinox marks a moment of equilibrium when day and night stand equal in both hemispheres. It's a time of stirring energy, where buds unfurl on trees, flowers bloom, and seeds sprout, signaling the Earth's resurgence. Have you noticed the signs of Spring that surround you on your walks and outings? 🌼

Spring embodies a harmonious union of opposites – light and dark, yin and yang, fire and water. From this dynamic interplay emerges new life, transformation, and manifestation.

Embracing the alchemy of the Spring Equinox, we harness the synergy of opposing forces to fuel growth and expansion. It's a time for balance, for nurturing the seeds of our goals and perhaps laying the groundwork for growth and renewal throughout the year. How will you embrace the Spring season there?

Aligning with the rhythm of the seasons

In our yoga practice, aligning with the rhythm of the seasons can deepen our connection to the present moment and enhance our overall well-being. Just as nature undergoes cycles of expansion and contraction, our bodies and minds also experience fluctuations.

🌼 SPRING EQUINOX 20TH MARCH: Spring offers an opportunity to embrace the energy of renewal, inviting us to release stagnation and embrace movement and vitality on the mat.

🌼 SUMMER SOLSTICE 20TH JUNE: The summer solstice is the marking point half way through the year, the height of summer and the earth's longest day and shortest night. A time that we might have more energy giving us a unique window to move deeper within and discover our own inner light.

🌼 AUTUMN EQUINOX 22ND SEPTEMBER: In contrast, the Autumn Equinox signifies a reversal, as energy retreats from the external to the internal, guiding us towards introspection and assimilation.

🌼 WINTER SOLSTICE 21ST DECEMBER: Winter, with its shorter days and longer nights, invites us to turn inward, to rest, and to reflect. It's a time of quietude and introspection, where we cocoon ourselves in warmth and stillness, nurturing the seeds of our inner world.

We would love to know if you plan your practice or teachings around the seasons and if you notice how the seasonal shifts might affect your energy, mood or goals.

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