In our Yogic journey, we might focus on the strength of our body, the rhythm of our breath, and the tranquility of our mind. But there's another force, equally profound and transformative: our words.

🌿 Have you ever paused to consider the immense power your words hold?

We often believe that communication is about what we say, but it is really about what the other person hears and feels listening to us. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) brings awareness to what we say and how we say it, so that the other person truly hears us.

From Judith Hanson Lasater

"Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is what I like to call a technology of connection, it's a way of connecting first with ourselves before we speak and then with others".

"NVC was developed by a man named Marshall Rosenberg who was a PhD psychologist who worked with Carl Rogers and Martin Buber and he called it non-violent communication because he was so influenced by Gandhi's work of non-violence non-harming".

The Yoga of Speech

Judith Hanson Lasater's Nonviolent Communication course is about the yoga of speech.

When we speak we are trying to get what we want. However with what degree of consciousness are we doing this? Our words influence our thoughts, our thoughts influence our beliefs and our beliefs influence our life and we always have choices in how we communicate.

When you practise Nonviolent Communication you might experience:

🌟 Empathy Over Ego: Shift from reactive responses to heart-centered conversations.
🌟 Deepened Connection: Break down walls, foster understanding, and build bridges in personal and professional relationships.
🌟 Emotional Mastery: Understand the 'why' behind your words, uncovering the deeper emotions and needs driving your communication.
🌟 Conflict Resolution: Equip yourself with tools to navigate challenging conversations, transforming potential conflicts into growth opportunities.
🌟 Authentic Expression: Find your authentic voice and express your truths with clarity, compassion, and courage in your yoga teaching and life.

If you didn't join Judith for her Difficult Conversations: Learning to Listen to Ourselves and Others with the Art of Nonviolent Communication in September 2023, she returns to London in May 2024 for two rare in-person trainings.

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