Over the years, our teachers and students have written some great articles for us. Here you can meet some of our teachers, discover more about their teachings, and see what some of our graduates are up to.

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Friend or Foe? Is your internal dialogue helping or hindering you? by Anna Taylor

This week marks another yearly awareness campaign set by The Mental Health Foundation to draw on mental health issues within our society. This year, to...

Anna Taylor
Anna Taylor
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
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An Open Letter to our Community - Thank You for Your Support

We've come a long way since we opened our doors in 2002 to begin offering Teacher Training in the UK; for the first time in...

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Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health with Charlotte Watts

In this excerpt from Charlotte Watts latest publication, Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health (Singing Dragon 2018), her own journey with digestive health issues and how...

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Charlotte Watts
Specialist Course and Event Teachers, Yoga Therapy Diploma Faculty
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Taking Refuge: Navigating Our Daily Lives from a Center of Presence by Judith Hanson Lasater

Taking refuge is something all human beings crave from time to time. We take refuge every time we step on the yoga mat. We hope...

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Judith Hanson Lasater
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
Yoga History

Paradox: History changes by Ruth Westoby

Paradox: History changes. Recent research on the history of yoga has added new insights and re-framed old accounts. With the next iteration of Yogacampus’s course...

Ruth Westoby Yoga
Ruth Westoby
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
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Top 10 Tips when Considering Teacher Training

Taz started practising yoga around 10 years ago, attending classes at a gym. Yoga struck a chord and Taz started to see the benefits in...

Yoga for Cancer

The Big C Word - Yoga for Cancer Care

“Cancer” has, for a long time, been a taboo word. Slowly, however, we are seeing a shift in attitude; people are much more open to...

Jude Mills
Jude Mills
Specialist Course and Event Teachers, Yoga Therapy Diploma Faculty
Ayala and son

Five Steps for Fostering Children's Creativity and Self-Expression Through Yoga by Ayala Homossany

This article written by Family Yoga teacher and found of Enchanted Wonders cards, Ayala Homossany, shares five simple steps for fostering children’s creativity and self...

Ayala Homossany
Ayala Homossany
Specialist Course and Event Teachers
Yoga for cancer

Yoga: a Prevention-Oriented Approach to Health & Wellbeing? by Kate Binnie

Yoga is increasingly popular with all sectors of society, and mindfulness (a core aspect of yoga) is an accepted mental health intervention; the potential for...

Kate Binnie
Kate Binnie
Specialist Course and Event Teachers, Yoga Therapy Diploma Faculty
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Introducing Blended Learning

What if the key to unlocking the secrets of yoga was not just through the study of ancient texts but rather through immersing yourself in...

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Journey of a Teacher Trainee: Kumari Sulgado (Intake 30) - Part 2

Kumari Sulgado started her Teacher Training journey with Yogacampus in September 2018, and was awarded the Yogacampus Bursary Place for her desire to work with...

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Kirtan: The Calling - The Great Power, Grace and Beauty of Kirtan by Jai Uttal

“Kirtan is part of an ancient form of yoga known as Bhakti, or the yoga of devotion. But in Bhakti we redefine ‘devotion’, we expand...