Remembering Michael Stone

We recently came across some old photos – the paper kind – from the early days of Yogacampus. Several of them were taken at visiting teacher intensives and workshops. From Yogacampus’ foundation in 2003, we have been privileged to host some of the world’s leading yoga teachers and educators, and the teachings that they have shared continue to influence many of our more local faculty, and the broader yoga community.

Many of our early visiting teachers were widely known and hugely respected names in the yoga world, who, over the years, have become not just regular visitors, but also very good friends - Judith Hanson Lasater and Tias Little are just two examples. However, we were always also on the lookout for other younger teachers who had the spark, inspiration, and dedication to become the next generation of great teachers. Partly through our good friend Richard Freeman, we became aware of Michael Stone.

Michael’s background in Buddhism and yoga felt like a great fit for Yogacampus, and we were delighted to host him for the first time in 2014. Michael was more than a teacher; he was an author and social activist, whose teaching bridged the gap between personal growth, social awareness, and ecological consciousness. Like our other visiting teachers, Michael soon became a good friend and a regular visitor - his charismatic personality, combined with a depth and breadth of knowledge, and the ability to make complex concepts accessible and highly relevant to modern life, quickly made him a Yogacampus favourite.

Michael was already exploring how online courses could allow him to touch a wider community, and we were delighted that he agreed to partner with us on an interactive and structured online training which became ‘Foundations in Teaching Mindfulness Meditation’. He poured his usual passion, skill, and enthusiasm into creating the course and was immensely proud of the content – feeling that it was one of the best things he had developed. This was the first (and, it transpired, the only) course he created in this format. Michael finished recording the course in March 2017 and we were planning to launch it for the first time in autumn 2017.

Michael was a friend and someone we thought we knew well – however he skilfully hid his struggles with bipolar disorder, and the challenges he had to navigate in order to maintain his personal and professional lives. Like so many others, we had no idea of his condition until his sudden and truly tragic death in July 2017. He had managed to stabilise and live successfully with the condition for a long time, but then… With hindsight, we can see that many of the things which made him so perceptive and compassionate were a result of his personal story. We wonder whether, in a time when discussion and understanding of mental health conditions have become much more out in the open, he would have felt able to share more about his disorder with his community, and receive more support – we really do hope so.

With the blessing of his partner, Carina, we have offered the course since Michael’s death, both as a tribute to him and as a testament to his commitment to sharing the transformative power of mindfulness. Even 7 years on, this course speaks to his brilliance in making this topic accessible and fascinating, and we continue to receive great feedback.

You can read the official statement about Michael’s passing here.

Michael Stone’s Legacy

Michael Stone's journey as a Buddhist teacher, yoga practitioner, author, and activist was marked by a profound commitment to deepening understanding and fostering connection. From his early days in Toronto to his later international endeavours, Michael cultivated a community grounded in authenticity, compassion, and inquiry. His ability to infuse ancient teachings with contemporary relevance made him a guiding light for seekers of all backgrounds.

Michael's brilliance lay in his intellectual acumen and his ability to embody the principles he espoused. Charismatic, poetic, and deeply empathetic, he created spaces of refuge and transformation where individuals could explore the depths of their being with courage and curiosity. His teachings transcended the confines of tradition, embracing diversity, inclusivity, and social engagement as integral aspects of the spiritual path.

Michael Stone’s Foundations in Teaching Mindfulness Meditation

The ‘Foundations in Teaching Mindfulness Meditation’ course stands as a testament to Michael's commitment to sharing the transformative power of mindfulness. Designed over nine weeks, this course serves both as a personal journey of exploration and as a foundation for those seeking to guide others in mindfulness-based practices.

What will you experience?

When you join this course, you will embark on a journey to deepen your understanding and practice of mindfulness meditation. Through guided videos, readings, audio practices, and online forums moderated by Michael's trusted assistants, you will:

  • cultivate essential skill sets for mindfulness practice, including sample scripts and resources for various techniques;
  • learn to navigate difficult emotions and thoughts with mindfulness and transform habitual reactivity into conscious response;
  • develop the ability to bring mindfulness into everyday life, including the workplace and relationships;
  • gain insights into adapting mindfulness teachings for special populations and fostering relational understanding in group settings.

How does the course unfold?

The course unfolds over nine modules, each completed within a week. You will engage with weekly video teachings, guided audio meditations, readings, and reflective assignments. The structure encourages a balance of self-exploration, community engagement, and daily meditation practice, fostering a supportive online sangha.

Who is Michael Stone’s Foundations in Teaching Mindfulness Meditation Course for?

This course welcomes teachers, educators, psychotherapists, and anyone with a background in healing arts who seeks to deepen their understanding of mindfulness meditation. Whether you're looking to enhance your personal practice or integrate mindfulness into your professional life, this course offers valuable insights and tools.


Upon completion of the nine-week journey and submission of all assignments, you will receive a Yogacampus certificate of completion. This certification acknowledges the dedication and commitment to mindfulness practice and teaching, honouring the legacy of Michael Stone.

As we honour the memory of Michael Stone, we embrace the teachings he left behind, knowing that his wisdom continues to guide and inspire us. Through "Foundations in Teaching Mindfulness Meditation," we embark on a journey of self-discovery, compassion, and transformation, carrying forward his legacy with gratitude and reverence.

Join us in this transformative journey, and together, let us cultivate presence, stability, and mindfulness in our lives and in the world around us.

The next course starts on 3rd April 2024, find out more and book here.