What the Pelvis Can Teach Us: Insights from Yoga Teacher Judith Hanson Lasater

As renowned yoga teacher Judith Hanson Lasater explains, "The pelvis is everything in the practice of asana. It's how the pelvis is translating the pose from the vertebral column to the legs." For over 20 years, Judith has taught internationally about the importance of the pelvis. She believes "It is the pelvis, the pelvis is the pot out of which the spine grows." In other words, the pelvis should be seen as the center of yoga practice, not the spine.

Judith has observed different cultural walking styles across the six continents where she has taught. "In many other cultures, where they carry on the head, for example, it always happens then movement is initiated from the pelvis," she notes. Her study of walking informs her view that pelvic positioning is key to natural, pain-free movement.

In her workshops and courses including her upcoming The Pelvis is Everything which takes place 18th-19th May 2024 in London, Judith aims to help students feel these concepts in their own bodies. "We'll have a spinal model there, we'll have some visual aids there. But I expect us to enjoy ourselves because that's been the history of this course, people enjoy learning," she says. Hands-on demonstration and visual teaching methods bring anatomy to life.

Judith also believes in cultivating curiosity through playful learning. "Human beings have a natural curiosity that we're born with," she observes. By "arous[ing] your curiosity" with humor, Judith hopes to recapture students' childlike sense of wonder. Ultimately, as she reminds us, "The deeper practice of yoga...is a state of being that those practices point to." The goal is developing compassion, not perfect poses.

Join us for this unique opportunity to train with Judith in-person:

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A Conversation with Judith Hanson Lasater